A fool will believe lies said
The truth is written inside my hands

I never did those things you say
I never played those stupid games

So you can spread your anger wild
I guess when you have no life; it makes it worthwhile

You said you told me how you felt to friends from afar
Not once have I heard your voice; or found such a bitter heart

You must be so unhappy when you think of me
I'm sorry he doesn't keep you his everything

It's not my fault that people will stare
You're angry for no reason and I just don't care

Never again
Will I sing
Those words you wish
You're completely empty
I never gave to it

He lied to your face and said I tried to kiss him
I was only playing a part and you saw it

You fed me your poison so I couldn't say no
I knew I was above it and still I let it go

Why must a face be plastered with shame
When nothing was wrong, except everything

I'll never get why you've hated me so much
I'm not this person that you've created in your front
Just trying to be happy
Seems it's too much

Never again
Will I be of good
Those empty memories you swept
I didn't know

I'm not this person that people will hear
I'm more than a face, blood, sweat, and tears
I have a heart that you'll never see for years
Too much drama, for one person to endorse
You won't make me have any remorse

You'll be alone again.
I won't let you catch me.
I'm smarter than you've imagined
Just made mistakes when victim to your crimson

You're pathetic
The truth of life
You can't get past yourself
It's all been a lie

No understanding
No good intent
Karma lives
You won't win again

A fool will believe all these lies
You've got nothing better to do
So waste all your time

It's sad to see such good get lost
It's great when I've forgotten what good cost

I'm stronger now than I used to be
You think you've got such hold on me
I'll be where the sun still shines
You'll stand in the street feeling empty

You will softly forge your happiness
Slowly you'll die
I'll never accept it
Those feeble little ties

I won't, reply


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