July 17, 2013

Mazzy Star returns after 17 years

So as many of you know, I'm a major fan of Mazzy Star. Growing up, I would here their music play and it was very mellow and thought provoking for me at the time. It still is.

They are set to release a new album in September; a music video in August; and a fall tour to support their new album. The new album is aptly named "Seasons Of Your Day". It's their first full album since their major breakthrough album; "So Tonight That I Might See" which was released in 1993.

I'm super excited for this album and it seems they will be peering into a darker side but with Hope still blessing us with her angelic voice; this album will surely be a hit.

Check it out!

July 10, 2013

Got a Motorola Defy XT from Republic Wireless? (UPDATED)

Recently, I switched to a provider that's actually based in my state capitol; Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is aptly named Republic Wireless and they offer two mega sweet deals.

If you want to pay $199 for the phone and only $19 a month for unlimited everything; then that's the first option to choose (add a line and they will take $50 off your order) and if you are like me and prefer a cheaper phone and don't mind spending just a few more dollars a month for the same great service; they offer the phone at $79 and $29 a month for unlimited everything.

All in all; it's a pretty awesome deal. The phone however is a major bust if you don't tweak it. This is what I'll be covering in this post. A mini guide to get the most out of this phone (since it's currently the only one they offer) and how to get some of the look and feel of the current Android version (4.0.x.x & so on)

You will need two apps mainly: Holo launcher & Holo locker

Both of these apps are blazing fast, ad free, and 100% free to use. You can upgrade to a 'Pro' version for certain features but the free version is perfect if you don't want the added functions (which aren't really needed anyway) but options are always great to have and that's what I love about Android. You can customize it to your liking.

The Moto UI that comes on the phone is super laggy and super slow. It's very ugly too. These two free apps will restore speed and beautiful updated functions to the phone.

For the keyboard; I highly recommend installing ICS Keyboard in the Play Store. It makes typing much much easier and it's beautifully blended into the phone for an excellent ICS feeling. I recommend this keyboard over Swype and many others because it's low on memory use and it's super fast and stable. The best on the market thus far. A true must have for this device.

Here's a complete list of apps that I would recommend for customizing the phone to a nice streamlined experience and fast pace users like myself that prefer a faster phone. It still lags from time to time; but it's not nearly as terrible as it was the first time I used the phone. This will make the phone completely usable again. Oh, and your phone will look gorgeous too.

Customize with:

-Holo Launcher
-Holo Locker
-Handcent SMS (Register for full function; it's free)
-ICS Keyboard
-exDialer (includes excellent themes and downloadable themes that are lightweight in size)

As an added bonus; use Holo Notifier for streamlined notifications; though it's not a must if you are already familiar with the original notification panel built into Android.

When setting up Holo Launcher; in the settings for all areas; go to 'Speed settings' and change it from 60 to 80 for all of the areas (i.e. Desktop, Drawer, etc) and it will amaze you at how much faster it becomes. I highly recommend going into your normal phone settings to turn off all animations as this will significantly help speed as well; Holo Launcher has it's own effects but I recommend not using them either. Trust me, it's better and it will be beautiful even without the fancy animations. More like pure Android in a sense.

Well, hopefully this little mini guide will help some of you out there with this phone. Good luck and if you have any better ways to really make the phone go 'WOW' then feel free to post a comment in the comment section of this post!

Ciao mon cheries :)

July 6, 2013

Summertime makeup for men

So you want to even out your skin and hide redness but you don't want your friends to know you have any makeup on?

Well, as many makeup artist will tell you... the best makeup to use is Mineral makeups... mostly powders but sometimes a onesie layer of liquid mineral foundation can do the trick in covering blemishes and still letting the guy in you show.

I recommend (for drugstore savvy types) using mineral makeup from the Physicians Formula line. Namely their Super BB powder or their Airbrush mineral powders. They provide excellent full coverage and will last you all day and well into the night. No need to touch up and no oily residue left behind!

If you want to bring life to your eyes; opt for a light layer of yellow toned concealer under the eyes and dab it in; this will give full coverage and conceal that tired eye look; if you still need a boost... add a little bit of clear mascara and then go over 1 time with a sheer finish black mascara; I recommend Covergirl's lashblast collection; mostly volumizing because lengthening may draw too much attention if you already have long lashes. If you have shorter lashes; go for the lengthening and do ONLY 1 brush through; evenly from base to tip. This will give the impression that you are well rested and won't be noticeable for the most part.

I recommend Covergirl's lashblast collection because they have been my holy grail mascara's for ages now and I highly recommend them to beginners as well.

For lips; go for your classic cherry chapstick. Apply an ample amount and rub your lips; your lips will be kissably sexy and healthy looking. If you don't need any color or have a pink tone to your lips; try some of the Burt's Bees lip balms. They taste great too by the way!

If your skin looks a little dull and needs a lift; brush a light layer of mineral glow over the apple of the cheeks or around the outer portion of the jawline and blend until it doesn't have a noticeable line. This helps define and contour and will help your face appear smaller and more chiseled without looking like a clown.

Not all men need contouring but if you do; check out gossmakeupartist on YouTube for tips on how to contour. He is amazing and you will look fantastic after trying his makeup tips.

Well, enjoy the heat... have fun lads :)

PS: When choosing ANY makeup; always opt for those with SPF protection (same with lip balms) cause in the summer; that sun can surely burn.. and you don't want to damage your skin!

July 3, 2013

Maybe, just maybe

Deleting you was a hard thing to do but if you're in my chat list and we don't chat; it's clear you don't deserve a spot on my list.

Over the years, I've been in love with the idea that we could be something again; it might not be what it was but it was worth a memory.

A friendship that could of lasted for a much longer time but sadly it declined over and over again. It just wasn't meant to happen; none of it was and that's something I think we both learned too late.

So as I rid myself of the pain that was; I'm going into this one last time to say that if we ever do share words again; let it be known what we must share but let us not forget the joy and peace that we once brought upon each other.

Friendship is a battle to gain and I feel like I've lost every point and XP that could of ever been obtained. It's been more clear the older I get and the longer we've been departed that I know not to cross any boundaries of hoping to speak again because a man is simply a man and that's his weakness.

It's sad to process sometimes; but it's a beautiful thing to let go. Even if you never wanted to in the first place. It's not a joyful ride at first but soon you get there and then real happiness can blossom into something far more complex than whatever was established at the start.

I don't miss you anymore. I know you don't miss me. Moving on is finally complete.