7 Ways to Make a Guy No Longer Interested In You

In my years, I've learned different ways that make a guy fall out of element when it comes to connecting to a person. For me, I've compiled a list of things to look out for as warnings to keeping yourself prepared if you plan to keep that guy you've been loving lately.

1. Getting comfortable

Men are a complicated kind, they require a lot of adjustment, and a lot of space. However the two of you meet, you always want to show him that you don't need his participation; independence is a great weapon against an indecisive type. For women, say you meet a guy and you are all dolled up and looking sexy; don't lose sight of that. Men value someone who is confident, attractive, and full of adventure. Keep them guessing; they will surely stick around.

2. Saying 'I miss you' or 'I really like you a lot' too much

Words have the power to change everything. Take a song for example; lyrics can form or shape the output of a melody and a person's perception of a story. Be wary of strong words or 'hot words' that could lead you to silence and wonder. Men want to be wanted, but not overly wanted. They like having mystery because it means they don't have to worry about clingy behavior or having too high of expectations. 

3. Talking too much or being too open

You never want to tell someone the full story on a first date; or even on the second date either. Mystery makes for an endearing treat because it will keep the guy interested in digging in to find more things he doesn't know about you. The more you hide; the more he will want to find out about you. Instead of telling a full bio on yourself; opt for simple replies in short sequences that answer the question but without giving too many details; this keeps the guy interested without making things complicated. 

4. Teasing

It's okay to tease a little at first but don't go overboard. After awhile, men lose interest when they see they won't win in a situation. You have to be forward and blunt to make an impact. If a guy really wants to go on a date with you; make an effort to make it happen. After the first date; give a day or so before talking to him again. If he calls you; he's still interested; otherwise, push ahead with a short call, then wait until he's back around and snag him up.

5. Giving it up on the first date

Men love to play. It's in their nature. Allowing them too much play time can also allow them to leave you easier because they will see that you were easy or you didn't value yourself much and their respect for you will be lost. You have to keep them coming back for more. Instead of sleeping with him on the first date; give him a kiss; one that won't lead to other departments. This shows you're interested but shows that he will have to work a little harder to get to 'knowing' the entire you. Men love a challenge; it's what keeps them interested.

6. Sending 'naughty' pictures 

It's okay if you're just looking to hookup but even then; don't send all you have. Leave a guy guessing or wondering; this allows you time to figure him out and also time for him to come around when you want him to be there so you two can have a good time together. Giving too many details is the biggest mistake commonly made by many of us. This is a major factor in why so many are single today. 

7. Talking about your past constantly

A guy may ask you questions that could lead to your past. While it is easy to open the books and tell all; it's better to leave things out at first if you plan on keeping him around. Say your talking about your exes; don't mention negative things (this is because it could alter their perception of their 'you and I' theory) and never dwell on too many details. Guys don't care to know everything about your past at first because they simply want a summary; they will dive in later when things get more serious and they are ready to listen. 

Above all, keeping a guy guessing is your best weapon. If you let him have it all at first; he will lose interest almost instantly and getting him back will be a battle that you will most likely lose. Keep a guy in the waiting room so to speak; it will make for a great combination later.