Signs I'm addicted To

Here we go again I will say to the bad signs; many of which I can usually avoid from one simple ask of 'What's your zodiac sign?' but other times, it's a swift travel to get to one I actually like.

Taurus men tend to linger a bit into my life and I can't complain. In my experience, they share so many common interests and they are loyal enough that for a Leo; it's a fantastic match. I love the creative side in a Taurus, they're reserved side can be edgy and cute but stubborn moments make it a tough call for a Leo; I feel like compromise is the key here.

Once you can allow them their space for those moments; things can fall into place and it can be a great relationship. Also; a good note to add is that Taurus men are almost always super sexy to me. I love a guy that is just himself but naturally just sexy in his own right. Great style as well; which is a major benefit for a Leo. Leo's love style.

Aquarius men seem to have a fine balance between romance and serious timing. In my experience; Aquarius men often have a romantic side to them that make a Leo want to instantly fall in love. They take care of themselves and their beauty is something of unique proportions. Leo's and Aquarius' can be a great match if they can learn to make time for each other and communicate together. A general thing with men is communication; the better you are with that; the easier the relationship can work.

Libra men can offer up some excellent taste in food, style, and music, as well as a nice fond spark of art when needed. Libra's are romantic and sensual; caring, outspoken, but full of optimism and charm when needed. They give Leo's a great path towards starting new endeavours and they help Leo's to find the good in themselves when they've lost their way. Libra's are a sign of balance; they can mend with any sign but they can also be the most impatient; short tempered; and backstabbing of signs. Pick and choose your Libra's wisely. When you do find one that works for you though; it's a perfect match almost.

Generally, I like all signs in some way or another because I've met great people in every sign. Scorpios are great for coordination and business propositions, Aries are excellent friend signs and can be fantastic lovers, Other Leos can work well towards a Leo advantage; Capricorns are soft and wild at the same time; Leo's bring out their wild side; Sagittarius are great listeners but can be temperamental at all the wrong moments; Pisces are fun but they don't know there way and for a Leo; having no direction is a terrible thing.

Other signs are generally the same; slight and some major flaws, where a Leo could work and make anyone happen if given the right compromise. The key is compromise. Once you both compromise to fit with each other; you can have the best relationship you've wanted. You just have to try.

The signs I listed as addicted to are just a few; I find all kinds of signs addicting in their own way. For example; while a Scorpio may be hard to handle for a Leo sometimes; they are quite sexy in their own way. Cancer's are fun but some are bitchy and overdramatic which is not in Leo's life choices. Overall, it depends on who the person and what they've been through. All people are different; all signs are different in their own way. That's why even opposite signs can attract. You just never know.