Goals for 2014

So lately I've been thinking about moving forward. I want to gain instead of staying dormant. I got my goal last year and this year; I have three major goals. 

1. Get my license

I want to be able to drive and get out of the area when I feel I need it; especially on days off when I could really use a mini vacation.

2. Get a car

If I had a car, my relationships could be stronger than they are now; I could do more and see more people on my time instead of theirs.

3. Get an apartment

I've looked around the area and the cheapest rent I have been able to find is $299 a month with water, trash, and electric included. 

If I got a roommate; we would pay almost $150 each for it each month. This could work out to be a great starting place for me. 

Though it is on the other side of town; making it harder on me to get to and from work; it's a place to live and that's my biggest need right now.

2014 is going to be a very busy year for me but I have faith that it's going to be the start I need to get ahead. Wish me luck everyone; I'm going in with full force this time. I won't give up.