Giving you up

To all the boys in the world.... you think you're such a special one...

Pretentious. Unemotional. Narrow. Deceitful.

When I think of all the lies, the ridicule I get for being androgynous, the way men will look at me and objectify me as if I have no importance or value is sick. Your a bunch of twisted fucks and I'm over it.

I'm tired of these 'straight' boys coming around... asking me this, asking me that and badgering me for a photo just to ridicule my gender because I'm not qualified for what they really want but won't admit to... I know half of you assholes just want to bang and go but some of us are too classy for that and YOU can't handle it. YOU can't handle the fact that good people are out there; so you try your best to destroy us.

If I'm crazy; I'm crazy sane. YOU guys are the fucked up ones. Treating people like they aren't worth and then expecting us to return the favor with a smile and some greetings from our tammy.

I'm NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. falling for you. AT ALL. As part of this new year; I'm quitting dating; I'm quitting love. I'm going to focus on MY wants for a change. FUCK all of you douchebag men that can't treat a guy (or girl) right. If you're not worth my time or have a benefit to my life; you're out the door. As far as I'm concerned; I can do much better than this. I don't deserve to feel like shit all the time because you want to be fucked up towards me.

YOU'RE the reason this world is fucked up. YOU'RE the reason we've all given up.

It's true. The prettier you are; the worse your attitude is. I'd rather date someone who isn't attractive with a good heart; than someone who is attractive and full of lies, rudeness, and conceit. FUCK that.

I'm out....