Friendship VS. Aquaintences

It's a tough battle and one I'm growing up with as one of my former cares. I no longer give a shit about connections anymore because you aren't important if you can't find time to include me anywhere in your life; even for a moment. Friends don't cut friends out.

This past month has been a trial and error month and one I'd much rather not repeat again but we all know; history will repeat itself; it's inevitable.

On the upside; I'm learning slowly how to channel my frustration and anger into things that matter to me. For example; my want to not care at all about you. Yeah, I'm going there. I'm sick of this shit.

You'd rather meet some new person; spend all your time with them; cut me out for awhile; then when they're gone or you have no one to spend time with (of interest) - come right back to me and pretend we never were apart or that I had been affected by your shadowing.

You're closer to 30 than I am and I feel like I'm learning more about life at 24 than you've known for awhile now. I could be wrong but I feel like I'm losing you slowly and I think that given that ordeal; I might have to just cut you out for a change. I'm tired of being your odd back burner friend. I'm am not that type of guy.

and I will never be that guy. EVER.

So if you expect us to be friends; you better start acting like it... but I don't think you will considering you would rather smoke, sleep, flirt with some random asshole that doesn't even give a shit about anyone but himself, and pop your pills to make you sane... I'm good on that... I'm seeing that I really can do better... and I will

I'm over this. Goodbye child. Once you actually change and make a positive reinforcement in your life; we might could speak to each other; but I'm not willing to be friends again. I've fought high waters just to get your attention. If I have to fight other people (people we both rarely know) to get you to speak to me or hangout with me; it's not worth my time being wasted.

Ciao darling. Take care. May you be blessed in ways that I never saw happening to start with.