Things I Hate Most

1. People who don't wear deodorant
2. When my friends know people I don't know (it's awkward damn it)
3. Too much sauce on my pizza
4. When my phone dies and I have to recharge it
5. Mornings (I repeat....... mornings)
6. People that say 'um' all the time
7. Clothes that don't fit me
8. Shoes that don't fit me
9. Goodwill tacking on prices because those greedy people come in
10. Terribly made coffee (sugar or nothing!)

11. Running out of candy
12. When something doesn't work as advertised
13. Stale chips
14. Hot coffee
15. Wrinkles in my pants
16. Things that break immediately after I buy it
17. Fanboys
18. People that use the word 'omg' in every sentence
19. Voxes before 9 a.m.
20. TV's without remotes (they exist)
21. Horrible acting 
22. Toothpicks
23. McDonald's 'Cash Only' moments
24. Cheap eyeliner
25. Guys that have loud vehicles


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