Goals That Lie Ahead

Some great news came in today that my music may be promoted through a live interview with a producer I've worked with 'Ryan Wilcox' who is starting to make a name for himself through his musical work.

He was emailed by BBC about doing a live interview with Gareth Lloyd on BBC Three Counties Radio. This could be so beneficial for me as a musician and I've mentioned that I have plans on working on an EP soon.

Part of my plans to step back into music again and to really give it a whirl this time. I'm going to really take my time on this one. So far, I've confided in Ryan to help me through this process. With his skills and expertise; and my drive to create something worth keeping soon; I feel like this EP will become something I can truly be proud of.

It's going to take a lot of work but I have faith that I'm going to get there when the time is right. Keep me in your prayers everyone :)


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