You can be thankful; doesn't mean you have to like it

So this paycheck came and went like a mediterranean holiday. I managed to make $379; apart from my sometimes given; 400+ pay. So, how does one manage to live for two weeks on less than $70?

What do I work for? Am I taking care of my parents now? It's not a shameful thing to say I live at home now considering I pay more money than our own government would; just for fucking food because some of our fat ass people here can't manage to actually eat proportionately and want to eat us out of house and home.

Why am I broke? I have to feed the fat fuck that can't get up off his lazy fucking ass and get a fucking job. FUCK this shit; I hate it and I'm not going to pretend to be happy about it. It's annoying when every check goes to supporting a lazy ass.

Anyway, better go calculate. This may take all evening.