Why dating is not my forte

For a while now, I've been single and it's worked out toward my advantage. I find that time and time again; I'm happier dealing with things on my own than the constant burden that I may fail the person that has taken my heart.

There is a guy (a few of them actually) that have spawned conversations with me; they intended on getting to know me. The problem with that is; none of them actually went through with those plans.

Getting to know someone is far more than just a few casual conversations or sharing a cup of coffee together. It takes much more than that and many of the men that have attempted to sustain forbidden desires; failed this test horribly.

I know, I know; I'm quite the diva. I can't say that I can blame a guy for not wanting to follow through but I equally give myself each time; so it's fair to say; it may very well just be bad timing or lack of connection.

I'm not a boring person (at least I don't see myself in such a manner) but many people may be more justified to consider such a trait my biggest of accomplishments. For that, I nod simply and walk towards another direction that will suit me.

My point is that; if you're going to date someone else, don't expect me to 'get to know' you during that time. Unless I otherwise state that I'm okay with just a friendship; it's not okay and I find it disrespectful.

It's a front to the person you are currently sharing intimate relations with and it also drags me (an indepently innocent person) into a scene that isn't desired.

It seems that I might have lost my spark however. I don't clearly notice if I'm being hit on; I don't even notice the signs that someone is trying to gain my attention. So dear dating expert; help me out here. What do I need to do for a guy to actually do what a guy should do to get a relationship? Do I need to cut my hair; dye my hair even? Is it the tight pants? Should I wear a wig and do more glamourous makeup?

These are the trials and tribulations of a single retail queen. If only I could give some people a rollback or a markdown. It could be easier to follow the footsteps that come after.

Men; sometimes I think I should get tits and be done with it. Tits would make things easier.


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