Wantable 2013 August Box Review

The other day I posted a blog post that gave you a preview of what I received in this month's beauty box subscription from Wantable and I have to say; I'm loving everything I received, with one minor exception created to relearn one of the products that I easily hated at first.

Here's a look at the entire box if you miss my previous post the other day:

Courtesy of Wantable.com (August Box)

So, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have some coffee on hand; or if you're European; some refreshing tea and maybe some biscuits?

I'm going to start off with my most favorite item all the way down to my least favorite item in this months beauty box. So here we go...

Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials (Brunette)

Well, what can I not say about this product... it's compact and easily friendly with any travel bag or purse; so I could easily take this on-the-go with me to work or out with me on a road trip. 

The powder offers a nice finish that is a beautifully matte coverage and the included tools are rivals of some of the high end brushes and tools I've come across in my time with exploring makeup. 

With the brushes angled curve and the firm bristles; it will really get into the brow hairs and brush on the color beautifully. Many people know that I've raved my NYX Twin cake brow duo for ages but this product even tops the excellence of that product. I've never used such a great eye defining powder as this one. 

Find more of these products at www.lisewatier.com

It comes with it's own brush and a small mini tweezer which is an excellent travel companion and both provide excellent high quality finishes. 

This retails at $23 USD. From researching the company; they are a canadian brand cosmetic and can also be found in boutiques in Paris, France. I'm not sure if Paris, is their headquarter but overall; this product is one of the best I've tried in a very long time. I will repurchase this after I run out.

As with any brow powder; you always want to set them with a clear brow gel. I recommend a nicely priced one from ULTA. You can easily find these at many drugstores too; including a fan favorite; Maybelline's $4 Great Lash clear mascara. It will really set them in place and make them look so beautiful and natural. 

Cailyn Linefix Gel Pencil (Charcoal)

This next product was something I was a little nervous about because I don't come across gel pencils very often but when I do; I've fallen in love with them and this one is no exception. This gel pencil is fantastic. 

The pigmentation is excellent, the finish is long lasting and super flawless; an ideal match for any bold or sophisticated look. 

The texture of the gel is very buttery smooth and it glides on with ease and precision unlike some of the drugstore brands I've tried. It's one of the best of it's kind that I've tried so far and I am curious to try other colors from this brand. 

It has some slight shimmer included but nothing over the top and it looks great even when you smudge it out or use it as an eyeshadow base. 

This retails at $17 USD. Considering my luck with this pencil; I would say this pencil is suitable for any beginner or intermediate makeup wearer because it is so creamy and smooth; it's hard to mess it up. 

I also love that the tip doesn't seem to clump or break down as with so many other pencils out there do. You barely have to touch your lids and waterline because this pencil will easily give you color that's sure to make all the boys notice. You can find more of their products at www.cailyncosmetics.com

Whip Hand LIP HIT Long Wear Lip Veneer (Entice)

Lip Veneers are something I've never even tried nor heard of but I automatically assume it's just a fancy industry word for full coverage lip gloss; which is exactly what this product is. 

The creamy moisture inducing texture is reminiscent of a lip stick and yet boasts the shine factor of a high end lip gloss. The color in itself is pleasing enough and perfect for any decadent or fall intrigued look. 

Hence the reason this was included in the fall box this month. 

The formula seems to be quite good at staying power and pigmentation is certainly pleasing. It has better pigmentation than some of the MAC lipsticks I've tried recently. 

The only thing I will say about this is that I've noticed it will have clumps from time to time or at least little grains of lipstick stick to my lips; but this is minor and easily fixable with a firm lip brush. 

I use my Eco Tools lip brush to fan out any grains that sometimes come off from this lip veneer and it looks beautiful and flawless after doing so. It won't settle into your fine lines and it won't 'cake' up as some lip glosses and lipsticks do. 

The only downfall is that you will definitely want to apply a lip moisturizer prior because this will eventually dry out your lips after a while and it will definitely need touching up if you do any heavy duty eating or drinking. 

Overall though; I'd recommend this to anyone that wants a full coverage lip without any serious problematic woes. 

This retails for $20 USD. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and their cosmetic products are among some top beauty guru faves. Check them out at www.whiphandcosmetics.com 

Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush

A lot could be said about how many beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus have raved over and over again about Japonesque brushes; they are pricey but they among some of the best high end brushes on the market. 

The funniest thing happened when I ordered this box. I was browsing online and saw this same brush on ULTA's website. 

I kept thinking to myself; "I really need to get one of those for my eyeshadows" and with immense surprise; the wonderful curators at Wantable somehow magically knew I wanted one of these because it popped up in my box when I opened it. 

Instantly I knew the brand and fell in love; knowing that this brush would be an excellent addition to my collection. 

The brush has very soft and gentle bristles with enough firmness to really get into your crease and blend out any eyeshadow or pigment you'd ever desire to use. It can also double as an eyeshadow packer too!

I've used this brush for a few days now and I am looking no further for any other brush for this. It provide such an airbrushed finish; beautiful coverage and blendability and almost no effort was needed to achieve the look I wanted to go for. 

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is starting out and needs a great smudge brush. It's one of the best brushes in my eyepiece collection and I will definitely be looking into more of their products soon.

This retails for $14.50 USD. Japonesque is based in San Ramon, California and you can find more of their products online at www.japonesque.com 

Echo Vie All Natural Lip Balm (Sample)

I've always been a fan of all natural and vegan friendly products. Some of my favorite products come from organic brands. Though the price tag may prohibit some of you to become more eco friendly; this product is sure to change your mind about that and may you have the softest lips you desire. 

The texture of this balm is fantastic. It's not extremely waxy or terribly chemically in scent. It's overall; a refreshing twist of Peppermint Oil (included with Jojoba and other essentials) and has no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic coloring. 

This little bad boy boasts so many versatile uses that I would even call this a moisturizer, fixer, chapstick, lip gloss, etc. I've been able to use this for so many different uses that I know I will be purchasing this item for sure. It's an excellent base before applying your lipstick as well. 

The website only provides two 'color' choices (though color is hardly given with these) which are sheer (original clear) and sheer pink (a light dust of pink) which is sure to please an au naturel girl who doesn't like to wear a full amount of makeup everyday. 

This retails for $15 USD (according to www.echovie.com) and the company (created by a Chicago native) is based in Chicago. You can find more of these products at www.echovie.com 

Michael Marcus Waterproof Mascara (Black)

I'm not going to lie here but I hated this product with a passion at first. The formula is extremely wet and hard to manage without a little tweaking done by a clever love of scraping the brush atop the container prior to application.

On it's own; it didn't do much for me and it was far from waterproof. It transferred terribly; smeared almost instantly after application and it didn't curl, volumize, or lengthen as it stated on the description for the product. 

It was an overall cheap feeling mascara that really didn't live up to anything but giving your lashes a coat of color. 

I found the best way to use this mascara is as a base or a finishing mascara. Take your favorite mascara and apply as you normally would; then take this mascara and apply it over top after it's dried. It will make your lashes look more natural and give them a little boost. 

This mascara retails for $24 USD. The company is said to be based in Europe but the packaging shows it's made in Texas. We may never know. Anyway, find more of his products at www.michaelmarcus.com

Well, overall this box was amazing, fun, and exciting to receive. It's like Christmas everyday and speaking of which; if you have a family member that is a super makeup fiend; this is THE gift to get them. 

It's an excellent box and I am sticking with my subscription. 

While Wantable is not perfect; they strive very hard to please you and to meet your beauty needs. I say; they do quite an excellent job at it. Keep those treats coming Wantable. You've won my heart!

By the way, if you're wondering what the end result of using all of these amazing products would be; look no further than a snapshot from yours truly:

PS: Wantable now offers a new box for intimate wear. Girls; check this out!


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