Thank you (Part II) (Out of tea? Get a Crumpet instead?)

For teaching me to be wiser
For showing that new loves are great loves
For being kind to me even when I thought I didn't deserve it
For talking with me even though you didn't have to
For being a beautiful man and smiling so much in your photos
For cheering me up when I've been down
For sharing fun embarrassing moments about Bas together
For understanding me when I couldn't understand myself
For giving me the joy of having a great memory
For showing me that not everyone is stubborn
For being hilarious and full of life in almost every email
For not impending any resentment upon me as the 'ex'
For being a true friend, even when I doubted such titles
For having wonderfully delicate ways of constructive criticism when I needed it
For pushing all of us to spread more kindness
For being forgiving
For checking up on me with such care and concern
For wanting to wish me good days and good times
For having an interest in how I'm doing over here in the states
For being a brilliant mind and excellent conversationalist
For virtually having every answer I've needed when I needed advice
My darling dear, Valerio Smolders
Thank you for being such an amazing friend and an amazing human being
I couldn't be more proud to have met you (so to speak) and to have gotten to know bits and pieces of you
You are simply wonderful and Bastiaan is lucky to have you!


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