Thank you (Grab some coffee, it's a long one)

For pushing me back then
For listening to me complain
For putting up with my debates
For loving me even when I didn't love myself
For understanding my doubts
For teaching me to be a better person
For guiding my heart to where I am today
For giving me an experience unlike all others
For showing me that love can cure anything
For being the most beautiful soul I've ever met
For following dreams that you needed to follow
For finding love again with someone who needed it back
For teaching me that regardless of silence; I still respect you highly
For giving me the gift of loving myself more than I ever did
For showing me that natural beauty is key to happiness
For all the corny jokes and adorable laughs
For the dreamy history lessons and wonderful 'cup of tea' conversations
For staying on the phone with me for longer than 1 hour
For spending so much of your hard earned money on me when I should of had a job
For pushing me to get out more
For holding my heart gently when I needed it
For sticking by my side after the pain I put you through
For being the most beautiful human being I've ever had the chance to love
For leaving me behind to show me that I don't need anyone to find love
For growing into a fine young gentlemen and giving a little love everyday to your deary
For having put up with my rudeness and unkind ways when I didn't see it
For teaching me the gift of mannerisms and a classy outlook on life
For having a healthy understanding when I saw narrow streets
For having an excellent taste in music and art
For being my first European boyfriend/friend/enemy/friend again/past time
For having a special place in my heart until my time is gone
Oh dear sweet, Bastiaan Van Der Bilt (spelling? - look, it's been awhile yeah?)
Thank you for everything you did for me; you are the only one I still respect after all the trials we endured


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