New Beauty Favorites: August 2013

So, soon... I'll start posting my favorite beauty products for the month on given months that I try things within makeup; skincare; and the like...something refreshing for my blog :)

This month; I've encountered a great deal of new products; especially from Avon and some lovely new additions from the drugstore. I'm excited to share my favorites so far.

1. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation - I was a little hesitant at first given the last foundations I tried weren't great with coverage and they looked terrible on my skin but I have to give emilynoel83 the credit here for mentioning it and raving about it so often in her makeup videos on YouTube.

The texture is reminiscent of a high end foundation and the coverage is comparable to any MAC foundation so far. I especially enjoy the semi-matte finish (satin finish) that it leaves. Beautiful enough to not wear a powder but; I never go without setting. So, it's a dream but one I am enjoying so far. I think I will continue wearing this one.

2. Flower BB Cream - I've heard from many gurus on YouTube about the full coverage side of this BB cream and while it's not as full coverage as a foundation can be; it's still impressive in the gesture that it covers as good as any foundation in the drugstore lineup - minus Covergirl's Outlast foundation. I like the creamy texture and the lasting finish. It gives you such a natural finish that just can't measure in some other BB creams I've tried.

3. Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Lotion - I got this from a friend I work with and I had been very curious about it. I have very dry and acne prone skin; so this was a definite must try for me. Considering it's an Avon product; I was intrigued, considering that I have enjoyed almost everything I've bought from their company so far. It really moisturizes, doesn't feel clunky; and it lasts. The only downside I didn't like was the scent but it is hardly noticeable and is relative in almost any other moisturizer. It can definitely do.

4. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer - This concealer is fantastic in that it covers better than so many other concealers at the drugstore. It's even comparable to my favorite concealer from Amazing Cosmetics. While it boasts great results; the only downside is that it will fade by the end of the evening. I'll still be using my Amazing Cosmetics concealer but I will hold onto this for my work days. All in all; I would definitely buy this again.

5. Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Powder (Creamy Natural) - This powder is definitely a dupe for MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation as stated by a famed YouTuber recently. I loved that finally I was given a great powder that works just as well as my $31 MAC powder that I love so much.

My MAC powder is great as setting and adding full coverage to my makeup when it's clearly in need of some help; so it definitely lives up to the name. It's expensive however and I found the dupe mentioned worked just as well; if not better than my favorite MAC counterpart.

Did I mention that I've hit pan on my MAC powder lately; it was time for a refill... why not try a dupe out in the meantime?

6. Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick (Pin Up Peach) - This lipstick is wonderful. I get a natural finish; it's beautifully sheer but buildable, and the experience I feel when applying this is comparable to my favorite from their line; Baby Lips. I will definitely be adding more colors to my collection soon.

I have a ton of other things to share later on possibly but I haven't tested them out enough to truly add them to this list; when I do however; you will see my post another post here for your eyes to enjoy!

The only thing I haven't tried yet is the Hard Candy Bronzer (Tiki) which is used as a highlight more so because it's so light. I've tried to purchase it but it's been sold out for almost a month or so now. People really love that stuff. It's a dupe for MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle; perhaps people have caught onto this?

Eventually... eventually <3


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