Homophobic silence (a rant for the stereotypes)

It's not often you find a boy scared to embrace other sides of 'gay' living like the fact that I'm willing to express parts of myself and what I feel to the public that most military men could only dream about.

I'm a modern day diva. Maybe that's why no one wants to get to know me or they drop me like a pin to water. It's not right or fair but someone has to suffer right?

I'd rather be myself and happy with what I see than be a scared child inside of a man's body and THAT my dear is you. You're too afraid to embrace what is in front of you. That's fine though; there have been plenty before you I've let go and well, there will be plenty after you to let go.

Men; they hate fem guys apparently. If they don't; I dare someone out there to prove me otherwise. I seriously dare you. If you fail; be gone. If you succeed in proving it isn't a dead end; may I be slapped in the face for it.

Maybe it's because I'm not a part of the overall 'gay' community ordeal. I never felt like I belonged in the community. I've always felt like I am a separate being; someone that is beyond cliques and childs play. It's seriously childs play these days.

You're either part of the typical (boyish and prep styles with a clash of Beyonce and Ke$ha) or you're like me... a human being left behind by the very people who were set free BECAUSE of my kind

You're welcome. Just don't expect me to go beyond history to be something you can destroy as you did with all the others before me.


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