Goldfrapp's new album 'Tales of Us'

If you haven't had a chance to snag a first listen to it; I urge you to look into such. This album is very decadent in simplicity and jazz undertones with a lot of folk and classical mixtures combined to create a very David Lynch meets Alison Goldfrapp style.

The signature Goldfrapp style that started it all with Goldfrapp's highly enjoyed 'Felt Mountain' with hints of melodies similar to those found on 'Seventh Tree' and this album will surely not disappoint. If you love the English countryside and sipping tea on mellow days; this album will definitely set the mood. It's a masterpiece awaiting the shelves. As a Goldfrapp fan, I must say this is one of their finer albums they'll be releasing. It was a pleasure to have a first listen to it.

Have a listen to the first single off of their newly anticipated album; 'Tales of Us' entitled 'Drew'... what makes this album interesting is that all the track titles (with the exception of Stranger) is in third person and yet when asked on the making of the album; Alison has stated that the album follows the emotions that her and Will Gregory have encountered over the time from their last record.

Without further chat; here is their new single 'Drew' (The official video has nudity; but artistic nudity) - If you have trouble viewing the music video here; visit their Vimeo page to see the full edition of the video in HD.

Official Track listing:

1. Jo
2. Annabel
3. Drew
4. Ulla
5. Alvar
6. Thea
7. Simone
8. Stranger
9. Laurel
10. Clay

The new album is set to release in September. More details can be found on Goldfrapp's official website.


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