Blemish party

Well, it's a first in a long time. I haven't had a blemish in ages. Especially one that hurts a bit when I go overtop of it with a little mineral makeup to cover it. Seems however that the blame is pointed to one of my favorite concealers. Amazing Cosmetics has an 'amazing' concealer and while it covers so tremendously; it will cause you to breakout.

I applied it the other day in replacement for my usual foundation and voila; a day later... a mountain appears on my upper cheek area. It's like fate is telling me never to use this concealer on my face again and reserve it for my under eye region as I did before. Perhaps there is some truth to it.

I've been reading recently on some trick and tips of the trade that transgendered women have when it comes to hiding shadows and facial hair and it amazes me that one of the products they use is from MAC cosmetics. Even more shocking is that it is cheaper in comparison to another holy grail product for concealing facial hair; Dermablend Cover Creme. Either way, I'm going to give it a go.

I go to work with a full face of makeup on and my lashes carefully applied but my makeup tends to 'disappear' at times or it will fade away in the most critical areas. Covering facial hair is the hardest thing to do when it comes to makeup and that's why if I ever become a makeup artist; it will be my first challenge that I will master. I want to be able to flawlessly cover it; look good; and have excellent lasting power.

The problem with a lot of makeup is that it is either too sheer or the so called 'full coverage' foundations are not full coverage enough. It also lies in the formula and color mixture. For example; you have red, pink, yellow, and every so often, blue based foundations out there. The short term is there are tons of different colors and bases.

I've learned that to counteract dark facial hair; you need any foundation or concealer with a red or orange base; this will help diminish some of the shadowing that can come from your facial hair. A lot of people show just rubbing in a product with your fingers but the best way to apply is with a high quality foundation brush. It's going to really get into those places your fingers won't and really help to cover and conceal them.

Still, I should probably invite more of my blemish mountain's friends over. He seems lonely over there just waiting to erupt from a week full of intense concealing. Dear skin; I'm sorry. Could you forgive me and make mister blemish disappear now? Thanks...

Ah, the life of an everyday makeup wearer... however did they do it back in the B.C. and A.D. days?


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