Back to basics

So, as a reader of other blogs on this wonderful world of blogging; I've run into something that was brought to my attention recently. I have to strongly agree here because I can definitely see the limitations of my commenting system.

Today, that limit has been lifted. No longer will you need an account with Google+ or Facebook and you will be able to post anonymously as well if you need to protect your identity for any reason.

We live in a world full of opinions and while I understand that this may also open the door to abuse; I am willing to support complete freedom on my blog in exchange for your voices heard. Here is proof that it is ready for your use:

So please, comment away, if you please.

PS: I'm retiring 'Reactions' from the blog today; it's outdated and it seems like a useless feature to have. If you feel otherwise; feel free to sound off below and I may consider keeping it if your comment inspires me.


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