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New Beauty Favorites: August 2013

So, soon... I'll start posting my favorite beauty products for the month on given months that I try things within makeup; skincare; and the like...something refreshing for my blog :)

This month; I've encountered a great deal of new products; especially from Avon and some lovely new additions from the drugstore. I'm excited to share my favorites so far.

1. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation - I was a little hesitant at first given the last foundations I tried weren't great with coverage and they looked terrible on my skin but I have to give emilynoel83 the credit here for mentioning it and raving about it so often in her makeup videos on YouTube.

The texture is reminiscent of a high end foundation and the coverage is comparable to any MAC foundation so far. I especially enjoy the semi-matte finish (satin finish) that it leaves. Beautiful enough to not wear a powder but; I never go without setting. So, it's a dream but one I am enjoying so far. I think I will …

Homophobic silence (a rant for the stereotypes)

It's not often you find a boy scared to embrace other sides of 'gay' living like the fact that I'm willing to express parts of myself and what I feel to the public that most military men could only dream about.

I'm a modern day diva. Maybe that's why no one wants to get to know me or they drop me like a pin to water. It's not right or fair but someone has to suffer right?

I'd rather be myself and happy with what I see than be a scared child inside of a man's body and THAT my dear is you. You're too afraid to embrace what is in front of you. That's fine though; there have been plenty before you I've let go and well, there will be plenty after you to let go.

Men; they hate fem guys apparently. If they don't; I dare someone out there to prove me otherwise. I seriously dare you. If you fail; be gone. If you succeed in proving it isn't a dead end; may I be slapped in the face for it.

Maybe it's because I'm not a part of the ov…


Why must you disconnect my calls constantly? :(

I'm switching back to Straight Talk as soon as I can. This is getting ridiculous!?!

How I feel in the morning


Wantable 2013 August Box Review

The other day I posted a blog post that gave you a preview of what I received in this month's beauty box subscription from Wantable and I have to say; I'm loving everything I received, with one minor exception created to relearn one of the products that I easily hated at first.

Here's a look at the entire box if you miss my previous post the other day:

Courtesy of (August Box)
So, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have some coffee on hand; or if you're European; some refreshing tea and maybe some biscuits?

I'm going to start off with my most favorite item all the way down to my least favorite item in this months beauty box. So here we go...

Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials (Brunette)

Well, what can I not say about this product... it's compact and easily friendly with any travel bag or purse; so I could easily take this on-the-go with me to work or out with me on a road trip. 
The powder offers a nice finish that is a beautifully matte cov…

Why dating is not my forte

For a while now, I've been single and it's worked out toward my advantage. I find that time and time again; I'm happier dealing with things on my own than the constant burden that I may fail the person that has taken my heart.

There is a guy (a few of them actually) that have spawned conversations with me; they intended on getting to know me. The problem with that is; none of them actually went through with those plans.

Getting to know someone is far more than just a few casual conversations or sharing a cup of coffee together. It takes much more than that and many of the men that have attempted to sustain forbidden desires; failed this test horribly.

I know, I know; I'm quite the diva. I can't say that I can blame a guy for not wanting to follow through but I equally give myself each time; so it's fair to say; it may very well just be bad timing or lack of connection.

I'm not a boring person (at least I don't see myself in such a manner) but many peopl…

A very wantable surprise

Many of my readers, friends, and family members all know how obsessed I am with beauty products and makeup products. I found a solution to help my craving each month and while it seems pricey at first; it's actually well worth the monthly price, considering you gain your monies worth and then some.

On average; each box will total at or above $80 in retail price. While you only pay $36 a month for these glorious personalized beauty boxes that are sure to satisfy anyone from a drugstore junkie to a high end beauty queen.

My box has arrived and I must say; this is one amazing personalized box... it's like they knew what I was wanting before I even thought of it... Here's how it works...

You visit their website and fill out a beauty quiz which will help in shaping what you like, love, and dislike and overall shape what they will send to you in your beauty boxes each month.

Every month they have special makeup artists (many of which are highly famous or raved in the beauty worl…

Back to basics

So, as a reader of other blogs on this wonderful world of blogging; I've run into something that was brought to my attention recently. I have to strongly agree here because I can definitely see the limitations of my commenting system.

Today, that limit has been lifted. No longer will you need an account with Google+ or Facebook and you will be able to post anonymously as well if you need to protect your identity for any reason.

We live in a world full of opinions and while I understand that this may also open the door to abuse; I am willing to support complete freedom on my blog in exchange for your voices heard. Here is proof that it is ready for your use:

So please, comment away, if you please.
PS: I'm retiring 'Reactions' from the blog today; it's outdated and it seems like a useless feature to have. If you feel otherwise; feel free to sound off below and I may consider keeping it if your comment inspires me.

Into the abyss

A few days ago, I mentioned to a friend or few that I've finally decided; it's time to give up. The L-O-V-E train hasn't stopped in my neighborhood just yet and I suppose that when it does finally do so; I'll have found something more important to encompass into my array of living. 

It's a stab inside of the crest of who you have been for so long; somehow it seems like it gets easier to be alone at night because there isn't the hassle of relearning the bitter halves of the other roads. I sometimes believe that I bring on the neglect myself. Am I not too convincing; or do I lack the substance that men here are looking for? Maybe God is telling me to find something stronger than man? Does it start with a conversation or is it far more complex than these feeble minds can handle?

Ah, the great journey to learning more of myself that I feared was gone. Yet so many are divided by their covers of me that they've never noticed that behind these mascara eyes lies a be…

Freestyle lyric: Anti-hate

"They wrote stories about you...inside that book we all knew...threw their stones with hatred like stains...if you knew...what I've dealt with along the way...would it give you some open faith?"The above lyric is something I wrote to go with what I'm feeling today... I saw that lady again... the one that bitched me out over me being gay... telling me I needed to dress and act like a 'man' but I've always believed... what defines your gender? Is it your penis or your vagina that does? I don't think so... I think gender to me is all in the mind... you can be who you feel you want to be... forcing anything is not of good in my opinion... it never goes well... 

That's just my little rant... I'll deliberate upon it more later... goodnight my beautiful ones <3

We can all agree

Lady Gaga's latest album 'ARTPOP' sounds terrible and is probably one of the most vile albums to be released in 2013 so far. Horrible vocals, terrible lyrics, and mediocre sound. Can't get better than corporate media can it?

After all, the queen of carbon copying isn't so good as people believed. Looks like her music just keeps getting shittier and shitter with every release. Do us all a favor Gaga; retire... you've had your run... let the talented run the show, okay?

Tired of listening to a bunch of talentless folks who want all your money? Try out Hype Machine. It's a site with excellent curated music from all over the world and will expose you to all the great artists that truly know how to embody sound with pleasure.

Discover music that the media doesn't want you to enjoy. Enjoy something meaningful and long lasting.

Go ahead, start building your favorites today...

Nothing like a great time with your friends


Find your inner peace

"Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Theresa

To find peace is to find hope

"Anger is a weed; hate is the tree." - St. Augustine of Hippo

Thank you (Part II) (Out of tea? Get a Crumpet instead?)

For teaching me to be wiser
For showing that new loves are great loves
For being kind to me even when I thought I didn't deserve it
For talking with me even though you didn't have to
For being a beautiful man and smiling so much in your photos
For cheering me up when I've been down
For sharing fun embarrassing moments about Bas together
For understanding me when I couldn't understand myself
For giving me the joy of having a great memory
For showing me that not everyone is stubborn
For being hilarious and full of life in almost every email
For not impending any resentment upon me as the 'ex'
For being a true friend, even when I doubted such titles
For having wonderfully delicate ways of constructive criticism when I needed it
For pushing all of us to spread more kindness
For being forgiving
For checking up on me with such care and concern
For wanting to wish me good days and good times
For having an interest in how I'm doing over here in the states
For being…

Thank you (Grab some coffee, it's a long one)

For pushing me back then
For listening to me complain
For putting up with my debates
For loving me even when I didn't love myself
For understanding my doubts
For teaching me to be a better person
For guiding my heart to where I am today
For giving me an experience unlike all others
For showing me that love can cure anything
For being the most beautiful soul I've ever met
For following dreams that you needed to follow
For finding love again with someone who needed it back
For teaching me that regardless of silence; I still respect you highly
For giving me the gift of loving myself more than I ever did
For showing me that natural beauty is key to happiness
For all the corny jokes and adorable laughs
For the dreamy history lessons and wonderful 'cup of tea' conversations
For staying on the phone with me for longer than 1 hour
For spending so much of your hard earned money on me when I should of had a job
For pushing me to get out more
For holding my heart gently when I ne…

Celebrate You!

When you're feeling down; whip out your camera; pose a great angle and snap a picture of yourself. In my case however; I wanted to feel very model like and wanted to channel a piece of myself into the photo. I love wigs because you can truly define a photo in a different light. It adds to your photographic art.

It's not the best but I really love this picture. Even if I feel that my arms look kind of fat; pure muscle baby; this girly boy is working hard for his money ;)

I call it Electric Indulgence

As a bonus... I snapped a few others that afternoon... I wanted to showcase my makeup look that I was trying out for the evening... it was very bubblegum but I think overall it was beautiful to photo... my first time using mostly MAC foundation (recommended to me via YouTube)

Goldfrapp's new album 'Tales of Us'

If you haven't had a chance to snag a first listen to it; I urge you to look into such. This album is very decadent in simplicity and jazz undertones with a lot of folk and classical mixtures combined to create a very David Lynch meets Alison Goldfrapp style.

The signature Goldfrapp style that started it all with Goldfrapp's highly enjoyed 'Felt Mountain' with hints of melodies similar to those found on 'Seventh Tree' and this album will surely not disappoint. If you love the English countryside and sipping tea on mellow days; this album will definitely set the mood. It's a masterpiece awaiting the shelves. As a Goldfrapp fan, I must say this is one of their finer albums they'll be releasing. It was a pleasure to have a first listen to it.

Have a listen to the first single off of their newly anticipated album; 'Tales of Us' entitled 'Drew'... what makes this album interesting is that all the track titles (with the exception of Stranger) …

Love Flow

You walk the same
You speak the way; I do

I whisper my hurts
It never got worse
Before you

Oh lonely sky; where are the moments I saw?
Twisted lines; dented into my skin for the night
But you don't hear it; again
But you won't be there; at the end

I put my heart on second best
I drop and fall; I'm innocent
Just leave; I needed that
Before the sun came
I'd change again
But you won't admit it
You love me after all the pain

I feel like satin
Covered in curtains
Hiding the things I never want to say
Try to give the best away

Get your wish at my tear
Climb the wall and disappear
Sleepless carolina nights
Hot summer and smooth fall delights
Never measures to what I knew
But that cloud is forever moved
I'm not the same person I once used

I put my heart on second best
I drop and fall; I'm innocent
Just leave; I needed that
Before the sun came
I'd change again
But you won't admit it
You love me after all the pain

Sometimes it takes more than goodbye to breat…

Blemish party

Well, it's a first in a long time. I haven't had a blemish in ages. Especially one that hurts a bit when I go overtop of it with a little mineral makeup to cover it. Seems however that the blame is pointed to one of my favorite concealers. Amazing Cosmetics has an 'amazing' concealer and while it covers so tremendously; it will cause you to breakout.

I applied it the other day in replacement for my usual foundation and voila; a day later... a mountain appears on my upper cheek area. It's like fate is telling me never to use this concealer on my face again and reserve it for my under eye region as I did before. Perhaps there is some truth to it.

I've been reading recently on some trick and tips of the trade that transgendered women have when it comes to hiding shadows and facial hair and it amazes me that one of the products they use is from MAC cosmetics. Even more shocking is that it is cheaper in comparison to another holy grail product for concealing facial …


Young heart
Call into the night
Wish for more than enough
Long for a fight

Girls steal
Boys lie
Men hate
Women try

World is full of emptiness
Music still meaningless
Words are attached to your chest
The cycle will never end


Higher hopes
Lower dreams
Structured devastations
Calming scenes

World is so persuasive
Young death it seems
Sad little choices
Cling onto things

Women leave
Men cheat
Boys fight
Girls believe


Young heart
Call into the night
Wish for more than enough
Long for a fight

The cycle will never end

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<3 | A look that finds you

Before the Dead Come

All those pretty faces want to sell your soul Cheap mistakes settle in for another hole And if you dare wonder; you might let go Over and out; the good was never told
And so you wonder How do lights keep shining on The rain is your beckon call Before the dead come
All those silent laughs cover you with shame Whispers of clashing vanity from your veins Voices locked between your uncertainty  If we could remember; it's not the same
And so you wonder How do light keep shining on The rain is your beckon call Before the dead come
All those pretty faces All those pretty faces (want to sell you for thrills) All those pretty faces (never stand still for loves) All those pretty faces (secretly crash your name) All those pretty faces All those pretty faces (never love at all)
It's locked in your dreams Before the dead come