Summertime makeup for men

So you want to even out your skin and hide redness but you don't want your friends to know you have any makeup on?

Well, as many makeup artist will tell you... the best makeup to use is Mineral makeups... mostly powders but sometimes a onesie layer of liquid mineral foundation can do the trick in covering blemishes and still letting the guy in you show.

I recommend (for drugstore savvy types) using mineral makeup from the Physicians Formula line. Namely their Super BB powder or their Airbrush mineral powders. They provide excellent full coverage and will last you all day and well into the night. No need to touch up and no oily residue left behind!

If you want to bring life to your eyes; opt for a light layer of yellow toned concealer under the eyes and dab it in; this will give full coverage and conceal that tired eye look; if you still need a boost... add a little bit of clear mascara and then go over 1 time with a sheer finish black mascara; I recommend Covergirl's lashblast collection; mostly volumizing because lengthening may draw too much attention if you already have long lashes. If you have shorter lashes; go for the lengthening and do ONLY 1 brush through; evenly from base to tip. This will give the impression that you are well rested and won't be noticeable for the most part.

I recommend Covergirl's lashblast collection because they have been my holy grail mascara's for ages now and I highly recommend them to beginners as well.

For lips; go for your classic cherry chapstick. Apply an ample amount and rub your lips; your lips will be kissably sexy and healthy looking. If you don't need any color or have a pink tone to your lips; try some of the Burt's Bees lip balms. They taste great too by the way!

If your skin looks a little dull and needs a lift; brush a light layer of mineral glow over the apple of the cheeks or around the outer portion of the jawline and blend until it doesn't have a noticeable line. This helps define and contour and will help your face appear smaller and more chiseled without looking like a clown.

Not all men need contouring but if you do; check out gossmakeupartist on YouTube for tips on how to contour. He is amazing and you will look fantastic after trying his makeup tips.

Well, enjoy the heat... have fun lads :)

PS: When choosing ANY makeup; always opt for those with SPF protection (same with lip balms) cause in the summer; that sun can surely burn.. and you don't want to damage your skin!