Maybe, just maybe

Deleting you was a hard thing to do but if you're in my chat list and we don't chat; it's clear you don't deserve a spot on my list.

Over the years, I've been in love with the idea that we could be something again; it might not be what it was but it was worth a memory.

A friendship that could of lasted for a much longer time but sadly it declined over and over again. It just wasn't meant to happen; none of it was and that's something I think we both learned too late.

So as I rid myself of the pain that was; I'm going into this one last time to say that if we ever do share words again; let it be known what we must share but let us not forget the joy and peace that we once brought upon each other.

Friendship is a battle to gain and I feel like I've lost every point and XP that could of ever been obtained. It's been more clear the older I get and the longer we've been departed that I know not to cross any boundaries of hoping to speak again because a man is simply a man and that's his weakness.

It's sad to process sometimes; but it's a beautiful thing to let go. Even if you never wanted to in the first place. It's not a joyful ride at first but soon you get there and then real happiness can blossom into something far more complex than whatever was established at the start.

I don't miss you anymore. I know you don't miss me. Moving on is finally complete.