What do you do?

It seems like our finances just keep getting worse and worse and then to top it off; almost every dime that me and Tommy make from work is given to our parents instead of having the ability to save up for the things we need.

I don't mind helping out; I know what good can come of it and so it's not what is bothering me. What bothers me is that no matter how much money we both contribute; it seems our situation only worsens instead of improves.

We can barely feed ourselves considering that my dad's check (entire check almost) goes towards our rent, after that. We hardly have anything left to pay bills; me and Tommy are the ones who help pick up the tab. We both have lunches to pay for when we're at work and it seems we can't even achieve that after bills are paid; most of the time all of the bills aren't paid and we are still struggling to figure out what to go without and what to keep.

For example, Brenda has told me she has to dip into the rent money sometimes to pay for food so we can eat. We've tried grocery shopping and everything but when you shop for 5 people and two of which are very picky as to what they will eat; oh and two of them eat more than an entire army base; you begin to wonder what ideas would help you out. Home cooked meals are great but they don't last and they can be just as costly as take out foods. It's bad enough that she had to pawn both the laptop I got her for Christmas and her desktop computer she had; but the banks and dealerships are trying to screw us out of a car when we really need one right now.

My only question is when will this end? Why now are we having to miraculously put money into a new car since the old one keeps dying on us? Why is it that we can't even ask any family members for help?

We've already been late on rent a few times and luckily our landlord has been understanding enough not to throw us out but this can only last for so long. We're hurting lately and it's driving me crazy because it seems like no matter how many hours I kill myself at work; the money just isn't helping us out.

It's like I've said for years in this household; we need to BUDGET everything. We need to keep records of everything and keep track of what comes in and what goes out. It's the only way we can have an idea as to what to do.

Dylan is still lazy as hell; complaining about food; and acting like a child... going to the card shop constantly because he doesn't want to be productive and get a job to help anyone out... though I'm proud to have heard that his private conversation with Brenda has supposedly shown he is willing as he told her to put in applications for him. We shall see what becomes of it I guess.

Well, all I ask of you guys... please pray for me and my family right now; we seriously need it... it's never been this bad... it's been bad but nothing like this... we're on the verge of losing our home sometimes and right now; on the verge of losing our car; which means we could lose our income and so on.

God, please hear us out... we need you most of all right now...


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