The beat goes on

And every time this melody plays, I remember for a minute what it felt like before we moved on.

Some good and bad times, but I'm glad that we no longer fight over petty things. Though I do wish we would speak more to each other; I believe that we've just grown so tired of talking to each other that's it become silent for us. None the less, memories are great to keep and I can smile knowing you're better off now than what you would've been with me. I know now that you are much happier and in return; it makes me rest easy knowing so.

Love was such an important thing for me for a long time, but as I get older; I understand that it's not so important for me because I can take care of myself. If I can enjoy my own corny jokes and be content spending time by myself; then I've already found love. I don't want to be 65 and still single; no, but if I'm going to be single for so long; I might as well settle in and enjoy it while it lasts.

Sex is boring to me, I don't see the point of it. I mean, if I'm in love; I could see the use of it but frankly I don't have much time to worry about it; I'm too busy taking care of all of the bills and trying to luster having enough left to feed myself.

I must vent on the subject of money though; why must I hand over so much of it and then I'm left with only a hundred or so usually to last me for two weeks? Sometimes, only down to $50-$60 after bills are it too much to want to strive for better?

Don't go telling me to 'not complain' because let's be honest here; I've busted my ass time and time again to earn my fair share of complaining cards here. I'm just saying that it's a pain that these bills eat us alive; not to mention our car wants to die on us every time we crank it up; and we have no way to get another car because they want at least $1,000 down.

We live in such a greedy world people. If only we could have our old economy back. These damn politicians and royalty are making tons off of us while we sit here practically starving ourselves to pay for a home and a car to get to work.

There has to be a better way...


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