Snapvine then & Bubbly now

A lot of people don't know much about my teen years but a big outlet for me was the use of voice blogs.

Before Chris Crocker and the like; you had Snapvine.

Snapvine was a popular community of blogs using voice to share your thoughts and stories. I used it to share rants, raves, ideas, and sometimes to sing to my fans.

I had a pretty great following of over 250+ fans on their platform and so you can imagine how upset I was when they went offline and Snapvine was no more. 

Well, today there are two platforms that are generally similar but of course; nothing is as great as Snapvine was. 

Bubbly is the best alternative to Snapvine. Next to places like SayNow and VocalPost. 

I wanted to inform you all that I will begin voice blogging soon and all my voice blogs will be available via my Twitter account. 

They may occasionally be shared to my Facebook pages. Though, that isn't guaranteed, so please follow my Twitter account first before considering my Facebook account; or you could just follow both of them!

Anyway, I look forward to responding to some of you out there. Follow me on Twitter via @BranniMikal and be sure to shout out if you want me to discuss anything or do any product reviews!

Love ya, 


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