Just don't stand there

My favorite part about talking to some of these people who approach me is that they lack enough brain cells to actually answer simple questions.

If you can't carry on a conversation or lack interest in expanding the mind of whom you've had such interest in; why waste time?

So you think I'm beautiful. I'm flattered but I'm not dumb. You just want my candy. My sugary sweet. Little do you know that your cavity is showing. No longer would I spare my sugar to you. To rot like the rest of them.

To be another complication. Another stress. Another misunderstanding. Lost.

I won't return to be. I won't be melted into your smaller half. Love is the power that makes me grow in sweetness. You make me bitter. I can't do it. Not again.

Once before and never again. My love follows on polished tiles. Bright sunshine and sparkling skies. Moments you can't understand. Never will you know.

I'm more than a face. A hole. A pit to fill. I'm more than a body walking.


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