First makeup haul + many more to come!

As many people know; I'm a makeup freak. A huge passion of mine and something that I love to play around with. It's amazing what one can become with just a little mascara and some lip balm.

Anyway, one of my favorite cosmetic lines is E.L.F cosmetics (this is one of my favorite cheaper brands; I am also a huge fan of Urban Decay, Benefit, and Amazing cosmetics as well)

E.L.F is having an excellent sale right now where you get 50% off all of their bestseller items. A lot of these items are fantastic too by the way; so I highly recommend you check this sale out. I got $40 worth of beauty treats for just $29.95. You seriously can't beat that. I mean, 13 items (of my choice too) for such a low price comparing to what you would spend on just 3-4 items at a time elsewhere; this is a beauty steal!

So, to share with you what I've purchased; I'm going to list and link you to all of my beauty steals on their website; most of these were in the bestsellers list; others were new items that I thought I would throw into my makeup haul just because I really loved the features of these products and the color selections were absolutely fantastic.

Many of these items have been featured in the Today show as well as awed by a lot of top makeup artists and beauty professionals who work with top names in the industry. E.L.F is an excellent alternative to high end cosmetics and famously known for the high quality products at an amazingly low price; most items range from $1-$3; while some will be just a tad bit higher (such as most of their STUDIO brand); there is literally something for everyone.

Here are my beauty steals:

1. Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee ($1)
2. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in 'Check Me Out' ($2)
3. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in 'Like A Boss' ($2)
4. Essential Glitter Mascara in 'Teal' ($2)
5. Studio Powder Brush ($3)
6. Studio Eyelash Curler ($3)
7. Professional Studio Eyebrow Kit in 'Ash' ($3)
8. Studio Stipple Brush ($3)
9. Studio Makeup Mist & Set ($3)
10. Studio Mascara Primer ($3)
11. Mineral Personal Blend SPF 15 Foundation in 'Light' ($8)
12. Studio Contouring & Bronzing Powder in 'Antigua' ($3)
13. Essential Glitter Mascara in 'Plum' ($2)

This is only the beginning of the deal; if you sign up for ELF's newsletter; they give you a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase. Pretty sweet deal!

I can't wait to experiment and try out these products; I've heard so many great things about them that I was compelled to try them. To all my makeup queens and kings out there; keep on pouting them lips baby!

If you purchase different items or you find a personal favorite and want to rave about it; visit my Tumblr and submit your beauty steals!


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