A new approach

So I'm loving this Bubbly social network so far; even though no one is listening to me. It's a great application for me to just vent and let go; rather than blog like I am doing right now. Though this is better in terms of readers; but still lacks one key function that I would benefit from most of all... VOICE

See, for me voice blogging is much more fun; I can let out my anger, boredom, introduce my multiple personalities, and more... without the fear of them finding my Facebook page and viewing my pictures like some sort of stalker or something...

We live in a world where people do that by the way. So anyway, a new approach to this is that I've learned I can embed my posts on websites like this blog here if I feel so titled to :)

So soon, instead of having to visit my Twitter or Facebook page; you'll simply get to tune in here on my blog. I may also start utilizing other voice blogging platforms that I find until I find the one that matches perfectly!



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