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Become French or even Latin via Duolingo (Don't worry; it's free)

So I stumbled upon a great site that offers free lessons on language learning. I'm quite surprised that such a service is free but it's a great service so far and I'm starting to enjoy the learning process.

I highly recommend it to everyone that wants to expand their language learning and/or skills for travel or to help those that speak other languages via their jobs. Some jobs, it's a requirement.

Why not check out a service that wouldn't bite your hand off?

Happy learning!

Just don't stand there

My favorite part about talking to some of these people who approach me is that they lack enough brain cells to actually answer simple questions.

If you can't carry on a conversation or lack interest in expanding the mind of whom you've had such interest in; why waste time?

So you think I'm beautiful. I'm flattered but I'm not dumb. You just want my candy. My sugary sweet. Little do you know that your cavity is showing. No longer would I spare my sugar to you. To rot like the rest of them.

To be another complication. Another stress. Another misunderstanding. Lost.

I won't return to be. I won't be melted into your smaller half. Love is the power that makes me grow in sweetness. You make me bitter. I can't do it. Not again.

Once before and never again. My love follows on polished tiles. Bright sunshine and sparkling skies. Moments you can't understand. Never will you know.

I'm more than a face. A hole. A pit to fill. I'm more than a body walkin…

Wires (lyric snippet)

"You can't miss me cause words are always like stones.
Hide behind that phone line until our hearts go home.
I'll remember; I'll remember what we were.
No tears will fall cause I know how to let it be.
You can't miss me cause our voices are gone.
The sad life of mystery."

Behind The Veil (Lyrics)


You, you fight
over and onto rehearsal
building walls to hide your circles
live, live your game
we know what you are doing
trying to reinvent fate


It's all you have
it's all you have
it's all you have

Fool yourself
fool the world
for someone else
tells you no
forget your truce
it can't change
what happened from youth
the scars that stay

In all of the open
like a coward in the light
try to expose
try not to die
popularity ascend
reality ends
nothing again
nothing again


It's all you have
it's all you have
it's all you have

It's all you have
it's all you have
it's all you have

You have nothing

First makeup haul + many more to come!

As many people know; I'm a makeup freak. A huge passion of mine and something that I love to play around with. It's amazing what one can become with just a little mascara and some lip balm.

Anyway, one of my favorite cosmetic lines is E.L.F cosmetics (this is one of my favorite cheaper brands; I am also a huge fan of Urban Decay, Benefit, and Amazing cosmetics as well)

E.L.F is having an excellent sale right now where you get 50% off all of their bestseller items. A lot of these items are fantastic too by the way; so I highly recommend you check this sale out. I got $40 worth of beauty treats for just $29.95. You seriously can't beat that. I mean, 13 items (of my choice too) for such a low price comparing to what you would spend on just 3-4 items at a time elsewhere; this is a beauty steal!

So, to share with you what I've purchased; I'm going to list and link you to all of my beauty steals on their website; most of these were in the bestsellers list; others were ne…

Bringing sharing to a new level

So, I just wanted to let you all know that my Blogger posts will also automatically start posting to my Tumblr blog as well.

By my doing this little step; everyone can read my posts without having to jump back and forth and you will get to enjoy the same content across all of my blogging platforms I use.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Let out your ghetto fabulous

The beat goes on

And every time this melody plays, I remember for a minute what it felt like before we moved on.

Some good and bad times, but I'm glad that we no longer fight over petty things. Though I do wish we would speak more to each other; I believe that we've just grown so tired of talking to each other that's it become silent for us. None the less, memories are great to keep and I can smile knowing you're better off now than what you would've been with me. I know now that you are much happier and in return; it makes me rest easy knowing so.

Love was such an important thing for me for a long time, but as I get older; I understand that it's not so important for me because I can take care of myself. If I can enjoy my own corny jokes and be content spending time by myself; then I've already found love. I don't want to be 65 and still single; no, but if I'm going to be single for so long; I might as well settle in and enjoy it while it lasts.

Sex is boring to me,…

A new approach

So I'm loving this Bubbly social network so far; even though no one is listening to me. It's a great application for me to just vent and let go; rather than blog like I am doing right now. Though this is better in terms of readers; but still lacks one key function that I would benefit from most of all... VOICE

See, for me voice blogging is much more fun; I can let out my anger, boredom, introduce my multiple personalities, and more... without the fear of them finding my Facebook page and viewing my pictures like some sort of stalker or something...

We live in a world where people do that by the way. So anyway, a new approach to this is that I've learned I can embed my posts on websites like this blog here if I feel so titled to :)

So soon, instead of having to visit my Twitter or Facebook page; you'll simply get to tune in here on my blog. I may also start utilizing other voice blogging platforms that I find until I find the one that matches perfectly!


What do you do?

It seems like our finances just keep getting worse and worse and then to top it off; almost every dime that me and Tommy make from work is given to our parents instead of having the ability to save up for the things we need.

I don't mind helping out; I know what good can come of it and so it's not what is bothering me. What bothers me is that no matter how much money we both contribute; it seems our situation only worsens instead of improves.

We can barely feed ourselves considering that my dad's check (entire check almost) goes towards our rent, after that. We hardly have anything left to pay bills; me and Tommy are the ones who help pick up the tab. We both have lunches to pay for when we're at work and it seems we can't even achieve that after bills are paid; most of the time all of the bills aren't paid and we are still struggling to figure out what to go without and what to keep.

For example, Brenda has told me she has to dip into the rent money sometimes …

Snapvine then & Bubbly now

A lot of people don't know much about my teen years but a big outlet for me was the use of voice blogs.

Before Chris Crocker and the like; you had Snapvine.

Snapvine was a popular community of blogs using voice to share your thoughts and stories. I used it to share rants, raves, ideas, and sometimes to sing to my fans.

I had a pretty great following of over 250+ fans on their platform and so you can imagine how upset I was when they went offline and Snapvine was no more. 
Well, today there are two platforms that are generally similar but of course; nothing is as great as Snapvine was. 
Bubbly is the best alternative to Snapvine. Next to places like SayNow and VocalPost. 
I wanted to inform you all that I will begin voice blogging soon and all my voice blogs will be available via my Twitter account. 
They may occasionally be shared to my Facebook pages. Though, that isn't guaranteed, so please follow my Twitter account first before considering my Facebook account; or you could …

Clear skin regimen

For some it's a drop of water away and others like me use a multitude of products to keep our bare skin clean and clear. 
I was asked by a co-worker how I keep my skin so smooth, clean, and clear all the time and this is my response:

First things first, always moisturize your skin
Trust me, you will see a difference in the look and feel of your skin.
Moisturize with a hypoallergenic moisturizer which does not have a lot of oils or any parabens.
Make sure it won't clog your pores either. BB creams are good but I recommend using an Asian BB cream as it will have more skin care benefits than US branded ones have.
Take a shower in the morning and at night and scrub gently everyday with St. Ives blemish control facial scrub or use anything from Neutrogena to combat pimples and blemishes. Keep at it and use it daily; results may vary but you will love what lies ahead using these types of products. 
If you have dry skin, opt in for a little tea tree oil over your skin and you should feel …