Food problem: Your greedy mouth

I normally don't mention names if I can help it, but this post is going to because I feel you should know who I'm referring to.

This happens almost all the time, which is ridiculous and this is the reason behind why our money gets so low; because some people are too picky or greedy to suffice just a little less to save money like the rest of us have to.

You know the size of a cheeseburger right? It's pretty filling usually in just ordering two. Brenda ordered three of them per person today and well, as usual, Dylan threw a fit because the three burgers didn't 'fill him up' enough and so the story goes on.

He's a fucking greedy fat ass and he complains like a little bitch all the time. He won't eat home cooked meals hardly because he claims they 'taste like shit' all the time and a lot of times.

They taste better than drive thru food but, Dylan has to have things his way or everyone else pays for it later with losing sleep or getting caught in the middle of his bullshit 'I'm hungry' rant over and over again like he's a fucking 2 year old.

It's ridiculous that people in this house even eat three burgers at a time when for me; two of them is plenty. Sometimes even just one or half of one is plenty for me but three? That's just a bit over the line of the 'obesity' line. I mean I get it; you haven't eaten anything all day; so for that, I can understand three burgers but when you complain about being hungry afterwards?

THIS is where all of our financial problems are at right now. It's not bills, it's all the damn food we have to buy you just so your sorry ass will sit the fuck down and eat without badgering your poor mom to death over what you don't like and do like with her cooking AND without having to hear those two classic words that we will remember from you even after you've been gone for 5 years.

"I'm hungry"

Well, how about this... we'll give you that dream vacation you've always wanted... except you'll take it in a third world country where food is scarce and then see how well you survive it... I really don't think people there would appreciate you yelling and throwing fits over a small piece of meat or a fruit of luck from someone nearby in the area... if the world went crazy and lost half of it's food; you would surely die.

PS: Your attitude won't 'fill me up' with any respect for you because all your ever going to bitch of is 'I'm hungry' and then wake up people by blaring your shitty music that no one else likes but you. Yeah, I went there. Be fucking thankful for the food you have. You could be starving right now had it not been for your brother loaning your mom money to feed everyone.

Get off your lazy fucking ass and get a fucking JOB. Wait?!?! What's that you say?.... you heard me; get a fucking J-O-B...hopefully your brain can comprehend that and if not; go back to school and do something that will help the family out or at least provide for yourself so we don't have to clean up your fucking messes... you're pathetic... you're another gluttonous fuck who can't seem to satisfy your overeating habits and take it out on everyone else in the house... fuck off