Shying away

So for years, I felt like mainstream music needed a change. It needed an evolution to which nothing has proven able since pre-2000 musical ventures.

Today, I'm going through my entire music library on my Google Play account and removing all the gunk from it. I have a high quality collection of great tunes so far; but some are just too out of sync with what I'm feeling these days.

Spring cleaning comes but one time a year, so I shall clean my music up a bit to fit with the more mature age of 23. Rather than listening to music that makes me feel like I'm 15 again. It's time for an upgrade anyway.

Music sets me free. It's also something I value; so I need to go through my processes of change every now and again. Like David Bowie and those in his boudoir of musical ventures; I am changing again and this time, it's more to fit with my musical development and creative adjustment.

So light folk, dreamy easy listening, jazzy electronic, and punk infusion rock, take me in and make me your child. Glam me with the lips of lyric and the touch of guitar vibrations. I'm all yours baby.


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