Men (Poem)

Why do you stare as if to ponder of my touch?
Caressing your dire need to be known but distant and vile
You always think you are so special but you're nothing to my mind
I rarely notice you half the time

You only crave what you see and not what you hear
You only want a piece of me and then you're gone for years

As though to impress such history to burden a smile
Your snobby nature makes nothing worth while
Bitter and torn like the sheets you've abused
Never in a million memories did I picture you

I wait and wait for something kind in return
Deserving all the best but simmer of burns
Missing the universe that used to adore me
Now these beautiful faces just tend to ignore thee

So walk the line and settle in fate
You won't have the best I can create
For your hate is emotional but your love is dead
I'd do anything to erase these visions from my head

All you ever wanted, was a bed


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