K.I. Theory: Arms For Legs

A rather impressive ensemble; this album. It's among the many newer additions to my current library which consists of almost nothing mainstream or meaningless pop tracks from the likes of Hollywood starlets and drama queens. As part of the ever so long changes that are coming ahead for my style, personality, and the age of growing older; my music reflects a pastime of myself. Many of the songs I have are very uniquely artistic or hold a stronghold with lyric formation and note timing. 

This album offers up 7 songs to the hipster formed out there. You could say I'm a hipster or changing into one but I've always had a unique want to be beyond everyone else's setup. I like being different because it helps me see how special I really am as a human being. I know that I'm quite a great person from my music and my style. Both took years to understand and to invent to what I really feel. I'm almost there. 

This album is listed as Dance/Electronic but it's really a mixture of Alternative Rock and Electronic. It's reminiscent of some of the early 90s bands that wowed me back in the day. I enjoy it. Songs like "Strongman" (which inherently is instrumental) is quite a nice track. It bring the ambiance of instrumentals to the forefront and makes you space out into the sound. A must for any great album like this one. Another track that really holds bars beyond some of the songs I've heard lately is the track "Here To Stay" which is very teenage suedo-punk and really catches the spirit of catching the punk-esque sound with a mix of a 'Foster The People' like electronic ensemble that screams hipster bliss. 

I'd recommend this album to those that enjoyed 'Foster The People' with their debut album that came out a couple years ago. Really though, the album has an affinity for those who also enjoy 'The Foo Fighters' and some of the softer sides of 'Band Of Horses' which have a unique and lovely sound all in their own right.

As always, I'm changing because I am reaching my peak again. The time when I need to revert and reinvent so I won't become bored or lose myself as I did for some time. Part of the process is more than just music and fashion however, it will require an entire overhaul of my former; to let go and to rebirth a happier me. A truly honestly madly deeply different but neatly tucked neutral version. To go to a place I've yet to explore. 

Eventually; I'm getting my ears pierced; a first in all the years I've been alive. I've longed for it. I think it will look very sexy on me and help to blossom parts of my personality that some people have neglected to see in me or simply never noticed. I have a lot to accomplish; but may the sun rain down it's light for me. I will go far because I have faith. Faith will conquer it all because believing conquers all. This is apparent in everything.  Love, sex, addictions, if you believe in it; it can conquer all. So don't stop believin' baby. The time is now.


  1. Great article! Thank you for supporting Electronic Music and independent artists!

    1. Thank you for reading and it's a pleasure. We need more independent artists and who couldn't support electronic music? I'm a total 90s kid; electronic music shaped me :)


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