Broke down car and a fridge

So tonight started out like any other night. I went to work and did my work thing (did an excellent job zoning and doing returns by the way), decided I wanted a mini fridge for my room because I get tired of my food getting ate and I like my own space for things. Plus, the fridge is getting overcrowded with every other bum in the house who leaves stinky leftovers and gross foods. I am certainly deserving of something nicer.

Well anyway, my dad surprises me with a greet and his boss driving in his BMW with my step brother in the backseat. Keep in mind it's a tiny car and I had to literally cram into it because there was virtually no space. I now realize I don't want a sports car; I need something more convenient and probable to an everyday work environment. I need lot's of space.

I was already on the phone with my awesome Leo friend, Stephanie; who works with me on an almost daily basis. She is absolutely the best; I could seriously replace all bad memories with just one person like her. The conversation was great but cut short because I realized that my fridge wouldn't fit in his tiny BMW. Damn you tiny BMW!

I was agitated, having not known such events happened; I would've never spent $150 on my new fridge for my otherwise already cluttered bedroom. Luckily, I'm not going to completely lose it just yet, Walmart has a great policy on returns and well; if I must, I can always get my money back if need be. I just hate surprises like that. I mean, isn't it more responsible to give me a heads up before you drive up with a stranger I've never met before? I think so at least.

I thought I embarrassed my dad in front of his boss from work. My dad says I didn't but still, it's always strange to meet the man that tells my dad what to do. I mean, this guy is the backbone of the business my dad is part of. So it's kind of a big deal. Yet, he didn't intimidate me any but I was very polite and professional about the experience. I mean, the last thing I need is to embarrass my dad and then he gets fired over it. I would not be satisfied by that.

The good thing is, I looked great (or at least I thought so) and he seemed nice for the most part. Considering the situation and all. No one bothered calling me on the way however, to let me know that the car had broke down in the parking lot of my dad's workplace and that is what annoyed and pissed me off. I've even offered to take my own personal money that I bust ass for; to offer a cell phone for my dad so he can keep me in the loop when I need to know important things like this.

I honestly sound like a bitch probably and believe me; I am one but can you blame me? Wouldn't you be upset if you were expecting the normal routine, only to find that it had worsen without your knowledge of any kind of "Oh, hi, I just wanted to let you know that the car is broke I'll be late picking you up" and "I'm sorry I was late, but we had issues with the car" one told me, until I got home...

And that my friend's is the explanation of a pet peeve of mine. When information is withheld from me that could either benefit the current situation or help me to be prepared in a more orderly fashion. I guess I can learn from this in a sense. Don't always get what you want because you might have to wait longer to get it.

Ah, life.

UPDATE: Car is fixed and my fridge is soon to be in my cluttered room :) yay life!


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