'Springbreakers' aka Not Another Shitty Movie

As if the movie title isn't enough to sell you out into the abyss of poor editing, lack of plot, and really dumb characters. This movie reeks of nothingness and promotes violent behavior like it is cool and a good thing.

Long gone are the days that our kids and teens could actually watch a decent movie without being subjected to the plague of shitty dub-step and severely ridiculous acting. Take the 90s for instance; in the 90s there were movies that actually had story lines and plots that were clear and didn't make you yearn to turn the TV off.

So to Hollywood I respond; STOP MAKING CRAP MOVIES AND MUSIC. Haven't the people suffered enough with the economy? It's sad that you repeat the same shitty pop songs on radio like it's 2007 all over again but the fact that none of the songs you choose to play have any rhythm anymore. Like the movies; I'm certain that spending 30+ dollars on this film would be not only disappointing but acridness to your  budget. Why suffer an hour to two hours when you could simply pay 99 cents later to see this junk and not worry about wasting time if you can luster getting past the first few scenes or not.

Oh and party movies SUCK. What's the point of watching some group of people pretend to party if I could easily just go out and do it all by myself? Again, movies that have no meaning, no plot, and nothing to produce in terms of my emotional stance are just a waste of my money and my time. GET IT TOGETHER HOLLYWOOD. GET IT TOGETHER!

Though this is my view... look at the trailer and decide... personally... it's shit if you ask me...