So you had a bad day...

It annoys me when I'm misinformed about something. You make the mistake and then boom; they tell you the truth and you're left in wonder as to why you didn't know something sooner.

On the upside; I was reminded of my former half a bit today when I saw a well dressed guy who resembled a lot like a dutch guy who is with another dutch guy that I know. Blonde hair and all. It was strange because I never thought I could see someone in my area that had the 'dutch' glam. I admit though; I was embarrassed later when he approached me about light bulbs because I think he overheard my conversation with Stephanie.

Me and Stephanie are both Leo's and it works well between us because we really get along. She's the introvert one and I'm the bubblicious extrovert one of the pair. I said out loud to her "that guy looks like my ex's boyfriend" and I believe he heard me later because he scurried through to ask me where the light bulbs were. I know; I'm blowing smoke out my ass over a simple moment but it made my evening that there was something beautiful out there that reminded me of a person I really respect a lot.

Just don't tell them that; I gotta keep some mystery, okay? ;)

The highlight of my evening is that I now have a ugly scratch on my head from scraping against a peg at work while I was putting up merchandise and cleaning shelving. I hate when that happens. I end up looking worse than I already do; all tired and strung out from the busy long hours I work sometimes. It's apparent though that vitamins are vital to my anemic eyes. Iron really helps a lot too.

Well, I work another evening shift tomorrow; so time to enjoy a little bit of Buffy time and get my ass to bed. If only I had a guy I could vent to and cuddle up with for the evening; someone to be there for the night so I could relax a bit before I work 4 days straight. Ah, mystical mystery boy...come sleep by my side tonight okay?

Goede nacht mooie jongens.