Passport Blues

So I bought a passport when I was 18 through a modeling agency I was working for and it states that it will expire by the time I'm 28. Well, I'm 23 now. Given the economy and my job doesn't compensate enough to constitute such a vivid trip to another place. I'll have gained a passport for nothing. I refuse to buy one after I'm 28 because by then, I'll have no desire to spend $300 or more on one.

Though I digress, this just shows that sometimes you don't need certain forms of I.D. to validate that you can't afford to go out of country. Much less to another state.


  1. I hope you get to leave the country before you're 28, Branni.

    This is P-255 by the way, I sent this message to your soundcloud, but was not sure if you had some sort of foreboding umbrage to it, or just haven't been on in a while. So! It's been a while, How are you?

    I've been experimenting with a lighter side of drum and bass lately. Stuff soulful. I'm going to be working on a track, not similar to the one I'm sending, but they're the kind of vocals I'm looking for, would you like to?

    1. Thanks :) I hope so too, but money is what such trips require and frankly; it's not looking like an outcome yet. I replied to your message on Soundcloud; I haven't been on there in quite some time and I haven't had any time to try and compile a musical piece or work on vocals other than practice rounds with Karaoke... I like your track so far... a bit confused on the vocal standing your looking to accomplish but I'm excited about it and would love to give a go sometime... I'm not as amazing as she is however but I will try ;)

    2. Well, worst case, you can go to Vegas! Hahaha! Your highs are really nice, warming, but also chilling in a way, kind of like the 1:30 drop. I replied on Soundcloud... Also, there's a certain way to process these kinds of vocals, and Veela posted a tutorial on Youtube, so I'll get your vocals in tiptop shape. :)


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