March 27, 2013

My current state says 'find something good to listen to'

So, I've caved into the idea. I'm currently jamming to the likes of artists like 'new order' and a bit of bjork to mash into the army of tunage that I'm linking myself to.

It's been a long time since I sat down; just me, and listened to new music from some of my timeless favorites and reminisced a bit on the grand ol' days they shined as well.

The new album 'Lost Sirens' from new order tends to remind me of a bit of the 90s grunge touch with a hint of soft avant-garde rock synonyms blended into a euphoric youthful rock sound. It's a much matured sound but brings back the billows of the early to late 90s era. It's quite nice. Don't forget; "True Faith" though, it was a hit in it's day. Still has a spark to it. I love a lot of the beats in the older generation 'new order'.

Aside from this new album; I'm observing a classic 90s album; "Post" from bjork. Many know that this was a popular album of hers because of her late single "Army of Me" which landed her a great deal of noticeability when it was released. It's a circa 1995 album with her mount of powerful 90s trance and engraving lyrics that will hide in your mind for days. It's a true art piece.

Well, I must discover more treats and savor old beats. Skies the limit if you let it be; right?

Did I mention; Mazzy Star? If you want to get ultra 90s; you listen to Mazzy Star baby! :)

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