Chromebook for the world

About a week or so ago, I managed to buy myself something new. I needed a new laptop and well with the assortment of Windows and overpriced Macs; I went with what came naturally... I bought a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook; for only $249. 

Samsung Series 3 Chromebook for $249
Samsung Series 3 Chromebook
(Image Courtesy of Google)

People misunderstand the concept of what a Chromebook is and how it works. It's not just a web based laptop with a bunch of bookmarks on it. It's a future for enhanced web experiences and true innovation without the need for extra USB drives, Hard drives, or an assortment of disks to save photos and music on.

To the new folks out there, you might ask yourself a lot of the same questions that people ask commonly about Chromebooks... "Is there Offline apps?"... "Can I use Photoshop?"...."Does it run Windows apps?"...

So to help you out, I'll break it down to you a bit...

1. Offline Apps

While in the beginning, Chrome OS didn't offer much of anything offline; this has changed and it's grown into a vast assortment of great applications with a lot of offline features. Google themselves, invested in this as well and now All of your documents can be edited, viewed, and created on a Chromebook without the need for an internet connection. You can even view news articles and edit photos offline.

2. Photoshop

You can't use Photoshop on a Chromebook; but Adobe recently released an online photo app which allows you to upload your photos and edit them in the cloud; It is entitled, Revel. Revel is a great alternative and provides a great editing experience without the worry of bulky software or lack of features.

Check it out here:

While there are a lot of speculations that the photo editing isn't up-to-par on Chromebooks; the best thing to do is to research the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome Web Store has thousands of amazing web applications that can match feature rich apps like Photoshop and do it better.

Be sure to browse through the different categories; Photoshop is mostly not available on Chromebooks because Adobe doesn't support it on Linux-based operating systems. If you really need it that bad; you could always use the built in Chrome Remote app which allows you to remotely connect to your existing PC or Mac.

3. Windows Apps

Windows is an entirely different system than Chrome OS. Chrome OS is based on Linux; or variations of different versions of Linux which mostly used the Linux kernel and some shell overlays with the Chrome browser. Most of the applications on Windows are replaceable through Chrome Web Store. You can find tons of great applications that will do the same and sometimes more on your Chromebook without any hassle of paying licensing fees or trial based programs that annoy you later. Chrome Web Store has some of the best online alternatives to Windows apps out of any other system out there. So switching to a Chromebook; you'll find; is quite easy and a breeze of an experience, once you see how amazing it really is.

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