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80s music and retro shoes

I'm hooked baby... hooked on the year 1983 and locked to my lucky suede and leather... give me more <3

Oh, and I want these shoes in every color and design they offer:

This brand is by far the best out there. I think I found my maker in shoes. Finally; true retro style kicks!

Oh and I think I'll be buying these soon to go with my new red and purple skinny jeans I bought a couple weekends ago; leather jackets now... ah... this will go on forever... :)

Rooko for $69

Creepy stalker guy

So as I'm on my way out of the gas station, this really creepy Mexican guy kept opening the door for me and winking at me.

We were stocking up on fountain drinks because the gas station sells them for only 50 cents and well being the family of bargains; we can't pass it up.

Anyway, this guy was smoking his cigarette and as I came outside, he winked at me again and said "I like dick, do you?"...I didn't respond as I stepped into the car and pulled away.

Look, creepers are not cute. I'm scarred now knowing that gas stations can not be trusted.

There are some weird and crazy people hanging around there. Can I get a rain check please?!?! Yuck!

So you had a bad day...

It annoys me when I'm misinformed about something. You make the mistake and then boom; they tell you the truth and you're left in wonder as to why you didn't know something sooner.

On the upside; I was reminded of my former half a bit today when I saw a well dressed guy who resembled a lot like a dutch guy who is with another dutch guy that I know. Blonde hair and all. It was strange because I never thought I could see someone in my area that had the 'dutch' glam. I admit though; I was embarrassed later when he approached me about light bulbs because I think he overheard my conversation with Stephanie.

Me and Stephanie are both Leo's and it works well between us because we really get along. She's the introvert one and I'm the bubblicious extrovert one of the pair. I said out loud to her "that guy looks like my ex's boyfriend" and I believe he heard me later because he scurried through to ask me where the light bulbs were. I know; I'm b…

Codename: Jefferson

I can't shake it; feeling this emotion right now that I've hidden for a long time. The pain is all the same but the love is so much more complex than I imagined.

I told myself going into this that I could never give my heart to anyone else again but I feel like giving it away again. The only problem is I want to give it to someone that I can't have.

I love him. I can't help fight it because I know what we have is just moments and then it's gone but what if that moment could last forever? Would I accept the consequences of my sins in exchange for his love?

I'm 23 years old, I'm still young but my soul feels old. I feel like I'm going to a place where I get what I want for a moment and then it flies away. How long does this last? That emotion that I can't destroy.

I'm in love and no one knows it. I can't have it but I want it so bad it hurts.

My current state says 'find something good to listen to'

So, I've caved into the idea. I'm currently jamming to the likes of artists like 'new order' and a bit of bjork to mash into the army of tunage that I'm linking myself to.

It's been a long time since I sat down; just me, and listened to new music from some of my timeless favorites and reminisced a bit on the grand ol' days they shined as well.

The new album 'Lost Sirens' from new order tends to remind me of a bit of the 90s grunge touch with a hint of soft avant-garde rock synonyms blended into a euphoric youthful rock sound. It's a much matured sound but brings back the billows of the early to late 90s era. It's quite nice. Don't forget; "True Faith" though, it was a hit in it's day. Still has a spark to it. I love a lot of the beats in the older generation 'new order'.

Aside from this new album; I'm observing a classic 90s album; "Post" from bjork. Many know that this was a popular album of hers beca…

Equality is key


Chromebook for the world

About a week or so ago, I managed to buy myself something new. I needed a new laptop and well with the assortment of Windows and overpriced Macs; I went with what came naturally... I bought a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook; for only $249. 
(Image Courtesy of Google)
People misunderstand the concept of what a Chromebook is and how it works. It's not just a web based laptop with a bunch of bookmarks on it. It's a future for enhanced web experiences and true innovation without the need for extra USB drives, Hard drives, or an assortment of disks to save photos and music on.
To the new folks out there, you might ask yourself a lot of the same questions that people ask commonly about Chromebooks... "Is there Offline apps?"... "Can I use Photoshop?"...."Does it run Windows apps?"...
So to help you out, I'll break it down to you a bit...
1. Offline Apps
While in the beginning, Chrome OS didn't offer much of anything offline; this has changed and it&…

'Springbreakers' aka Not Another Shitty Movie

As if the movie title isn't enough to sell you out into the abyss of poor editing, lack of plot, and really dumb characters. This movie reeks of nothingness and promotes violent behavior like it is cool and a good thing.

Long gone are the days that our kids and teens could actually watch a decent movie without being subjected to the plague of shitty dub-step and severely ridiculous acting. Take the 90s for instance; in the 90s there were movies that actually had story lines and plots that were clear and didn't make you yearn to turn the TV off.

So to Hollywood I respond; STOP MAKING CRAP MOVIES AND MUSIC. Haven't the people suffered enough with the economy? It's sad that you repeat the same shitty pop songs on radio like it's 2007 all over again but the fact that none of the songs you choose to play have any rhythm anymore. Like the movies; I'm certain that spending 30+ dollars on this film would be not only disappointing but acridness to your  budget. Why suff…

It's interesting what could be out there..


Passport Blues

So I bought a passport when I was 18 through a modeling agency I was working for and it states that it will expire by the time I'm 28. Well, I'm 23 now. Given the economy and my job doesn't compensate enough to constitute such a vivid trip to another place. I'll have gained a passport for nothing. I refuse to buy one after I'm 28 because by then, I'll have no desire to spend $300 or more on one.

Though I digress, this just shows that sometimes you don't need certain forms of I.D. to validate that you can't afford to go out of country. Much less to another state.