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BoyAhoy International

So I use a dating app from the company Skout whom specializes in dating services all across the globe. I've noticed a spike lately that is a bit shocking considering that it hasn't ever been like this before. I've never had so many cute international guys hitting on me and 'winking' at me like this, until this app.

Let's just say, I'm quite popular so far. I've got a good conversation going so far with a cute Australian guy studying abroad in China. Though his vanity can be a bit poignant in the conversation and something overwhelmingly inconsistent; he's looking to be a cute conversation nonetheless. Still I wonder, what do these guys really see in me? Am I simply another pretty face or do they picture something more than that?

Ah, men of the world... teach me your love... cause I fear; sometimes I don't understand it...


Build these places In hope for replacement Golden smile with secret touch Beautiful loss at the end These hopeless oceans between
If we could write it over What would it be? History repeating Or better times we've seen? I've seen an andonis Another mystery It isn't quite so hopeless But I can't really breathe
Who did you become? Hiding out there forever Keep on falling from me What should I say? Should I look the other way? Was it worth the time it took you? Was it all you hoped it would be? It's nothing you can keep It's nothing you can keep
What isn't right? The curtains seem to know Only the few will ever find it The place that won't show
I've waited years for answers My only feud to the sun Cursing the islands That hold you on the run Angels couldn't erase it The hurt that you've saved I'll keep going past the signs The ones that used to guide me And now I figured out the lines The lies you've always told And when the road turns …

Matchmaker, heartbreaker (500th post)

For years I've noticed a deep pattern in the 'change' that my astrology stuff tells me; apparently Leo's bring change; both good and bad to everyone they meet. I'm not sure if this is entirely true but it seems appropriate so far considering the pattern I've seen over the years.

I really should take a queue into effect considering I've made some lasting and very high rate successes when it comes to partnering two love birds together. For example; my sister and her husband.

If it weren't for my conscious decision back in 2004-2005, my sister wouldn't have her kids or the family she's built these few years. She showed me two photos of two guys in the summertime that year and asked me which one she should pursue; I went with what my gut told me; I picked her now husband over a guy whom I read (through his body language) to the the short term type. Since then; I have two beautiful and precious nephews and the joy of seeing real love for my sister. T…

Running as fast as we can...

Do you think we'll make it?