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Don't expect it


Giving you up

Project names (possibilities)

Such an early 90s song

Fuck off mix (Go-to Playlist)

All I have to say to you is...

If you don't know what you want

How I've always felt

If all your good times passed you by

I feel this way

Your face

The truth about you

Always on repeat... fucking jerk

Coffee, love stories, tired eyes

You'll love me at the end of the day


No man could give to me

I want you to go find yourself


I never knew

The Swan

You don't see

Look into my eyes

I'm over it

We sink

Giving Up On You

Still Thinking Of You

It's public


7 Ways to Make a Guy No Longer Interested In You

I give up

The beauty in life

Message In A Bottle


Of Tides


Goals for 2014

Like Wolves In The Night

Touch my garden


Your love story

Signs I'm addicted To

Friendship VS. Aquaintences

The start of something new


I can't love you in the dark

Do we have to bring the good down?


Cause I'm a Loose Ship

Dear fate

IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. (A sad story about equality)

The beat takes me away

EXCLUSIVE LISTEN: Sombear - Love You In The Dark - Full Album Stream via Spotify

Channels of my mind (AE)

When it snows outside... I feel like this...

It's just...

A New Me :)

My favorite girl :)




Not What Friends Are For (Lyrical Writing)

My favorite song FOREVER.

Things I Hate Most

Goals That Lie Ahead

Autistic Man Shows Appreciation for Whoopi Goldberg's Role on Star Trek (Dutch TV)

It's true

The end is near

Starting the day off right

Oh, how I love the British!

Tilting Moon

Green Water

You can be thankful; doesn't mean you have to like it

Back To Where I Came

New Beauty Favorites: August 2013

Homophobic silence (a rant for the stereotypes)


How I feel in the morning

Wantable 2013 August Box Review