Merry Christmas!

First off, I'd like to thank Vodka for relieving my stress of a long work day today. I feel much better and ready to really aim for some sleep time.

Tonight me and my family opened our stockings; mind you; I did not only all of the stockings myself (candy and all -- which ended up being so much candy it wouldn't all fit into the stocking) and the presents too :)

I started shopping for gifts way back in October and stopped about a week ago. I bought everyone a tablet; excluding Brenda, as I bought her a brand new laptop. She needs one that will work for her and well she lost her other computer due to low funds during the year.

I bought many other nice and nifty items as well but that was that. Brenda went out and took care of my side of the tree. Filling it up with big boxes signed to me and a few smaller trinkets as well :)

Overall, Christmas has turned out wonderfully. I'd like to say though that a man from afar...I hope is having a wonderful Christmas as well...knowing he is loved...and missed by some... but overall...loved...may blessing find you dear...

Well, I must take my tired ass to bed... Christmas morning awaits and I must be on my best behavior make it a Christmas to remember... I expect a few tears... or at least a yelp from Brenda... God has really helped me this year... he's really given me and my family a new found hope in our lives... and thanks to me and Tommy having jobs... things seem much easier...

We still have our struggles and it's still hard to accomplish some things; but I'm happy... and my family is too...and the love that ensues my life with them at the moment can withstand any pain or suffering that I ever had to endure... I'm truly and honestly... blessed


Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year! I hope that everyone gets a major blessing this holiday and finds true happiness in the things that matter most.


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