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People get more and more insulting and more vain with the day. It's become a common occurrence with the snobby military wives giving me the evil eye, bitchy and catty men that think they are the hottest big dick motherfucker walking around and of course; my favorite...the over dramatic rednecks who lack education and even worse; lack substance in many brain cells did you have to borrow to understand that?
All I'm saying is... I fucking hate all of those types of people... and I'm getting fed up... one of these days I'm going to go off and when that happens... I might not turn back like I have been these past few years... 
Something about this place makes you go cold...bitter... and intensely blunt beyond repair... marines can kiss my fucking ass... you treat me like shit and yet expect respect because you kill for the government? Um... yea... I'll pass... like... forever