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It's in the air

Lately, men of all beautiful natures have been flocking towards me and checking out my goodies like I'm a new toy in town... so many sexy men and a lot of them are enjoying my view ;)

I'm not sure if it's the way I look, the fact that I switched to a new fragrance; a new bath gel; and a new foundation but I think that I really have some nice sex appeal after all. Making all the hot straight boys come after my little tight ass.

Today, a guy stood and checked me out for about 5-10 minutes before I finally looked at him and asked him if he needed help with finding anything; he replied... "I'm just... looking" ;) sure you were baby...I know you wanted to bang the fuck out of this :P

Regardless... I'm feeling sexy lately... and I'm loving it... girly or not; I got something special in me... and some of those beautiful faces are missing out these days... my favorite is when we both have our check out moment and then we smile politely as if it didn't hap…

First drink in a while...

Today I went and redid my ID... something that was awaiting my attention for quite some time... I was anxiously dabbling upon what drink I wanted as I left...

I stopped by the ABC store today and bought a bottle of ThreeOlives "Loopy" and two mini shots of Burnette's and a liquor called Kinky. So far, I'm loving this bottle... the flavor is perfectly fit to the taste of Fruit Loops; a cereal I love... and really compliments wells with Sprite.

I'm excited...a lot of choices and I'm about to start trying quite a bit of them... I'm not turning myself into an alcoholic but I deserve a few stiff ones... after all, society is rather sad looking lately... I need a little spirit in my bones... this will surely do