Upstate, up tight...

Today I woke up and was greeted with a message from a dating app I have. The guy wanted to see me before I went off to work; so I nervously obliged.

When he arrived; I had just got out of the shower (believe it or not; was the shortest shower I've ever taken - 5 minutes tops?) and proceeded to put on a bit of cover up so I could at least look alive when I stepped outside my door.

Prior to his arrival; we exchanged text messages...he was well aware of my standing and that I had to be at work within about an hour and a half...when I walked outside to see him, he went off on me after opening his door saying that I took too long and that he had to work (never told me he had work) and he was adoment the entire time about meeting with me...rushing me...and talking to me every 5 minutes...

Look, if you're going to meet this beautiful and lovely creature of the night during the daytime; you better watch your step before you piss me off or else; you won't ever speak nor see me again (unless you walk into Walmart sadly)

Men like you don't deserve anyone but the dirt of the want to treat me like I'm an object or I'm some sort of toy...FUCK OFF...I'm better and sexier than that...and I know damn well that YOU don't deserve me...Take care up tight northern just killed my chances of ever dating someone from up north ever again...

Men; can't live with em'...can't live without em'....story of my fucking life


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