Agenda crash

So it became real that sometimes; plans don't follow through as planned. Me and Stephanie from work were going to meet up together for lunch and some help from myself on picking out her wedding dress. It appears, the mother is invading her decisions or so she explained.

Let the girl have her day. It's her day to show her love to her man; to signify the beauty between two happy souls that want to spend time together. To exceed obstacles and to grow as one another in all that they travel through.

I wish her love and peace. Humility and substance in her marriage to come. Stephanie and Larry will make a lovely couple. Two Leo's as one throne together. You can't ask for anything more lovely or loyal. Both are young and full of life. Cute smiles and giggles with a darling dash of diva in between.

May God bless your love with his own hands. You've gain my blessings as a friend who may have only known you for a short bit but still finds your friendship of high regard and loyal comfort. Thank you dear.



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