Toys for my boys

Today; I skipped lunch to start off on my shopping spree of goodies for my two favorite little boys. Kyzer and Malick mean the world to me and for being unable to provide with a birthday gift; I'm planning on meshing together a big box of wrapped up gifts and candies to ship to my boys as an early Christmas gift :)

A lot of money will go into this but I'm sure of it being worth it and it is going to be fun too...spoiling them with lots of fun things for them to adore...

So far I have a DVD.... toy remote (both with Elmo) for Malick and two Batman toys for Kyzer. Both of them will get a tub of chalk to play with outside too...turns out...Kyzers favorite color is blue and so far...he chooses green for Malick...after all; he is the oldest of the two ;)

Oh how I love them...especially that Malick calls Elmo; Melmo... <3