So it's 3:17pm right now and I'm working a 4 hour shift today. This weekend has to be one of the worst weekends next to holiday weekends considering that it was not only our payday weekend; military payday, but also many marines coming home from Iraq this week.

What does this mean for retail? It means that my feet will be hurting more; I'll be even more exhausted; and I'll want to go home sooner. Then again, a job is a job and I'm lucky to even have one; so I can't complain too much. Still, it's a bit much sometimes when you try to do it all as one person; clearly knowing it takes more than one person to run a department.

Well, our air went out yesterday. It costed us $81.00 even for 4 box fans just to keep us somewhat breathable. The good news is; it's not as bad as it was in the trailer we lived in before. We're hardly sweating in comparison to those days and the fans are a big help; though all they've done much of is blow hot air back at you; depending on your room temperature.

I've learned that out of all the rooms in the house; mine is either the hottest or the coldest room to sleep in. I've had a bad history with picking the crappy rooms. I believe it's more so because I have two windows so close together and the sun shines into my room more than anyone elses. Ah, winter time is horrible of course, it's like you just can't keep warm in my room. You could literally sit down a hot soda; and within 30 minutes have a nice cold beverage to drink. I'm not making this stuff up here.

Still, I'm thankful to even have a place to lay my head. In such a sad world; so many go without and everyday I wake up; I have to remind myself that what I have is luxury in comparison to those out there who have to fight for food and survival. I feel horrible for those people. I wish I could cure the world of those problems; to make our world a healthy, fun, and happy place to live in, but that's not the way fate would have it.

Either way, I'd rather be low class; then no class at all on the economic poll.


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