Signs of a business peep

If you have more than 5 alarms set on your phone; you might be a business peep. Pretty much it means that you are already business savvy and you have what it takes to run your own business if you needed to.

I counted and I have a total (on average) of 8 alarms set on my phone per day of work. I do a lot of things at work and a lot of responsibility is laid on me to get things completed. While it's not always finished when I leave (this is common for all employee's) - I still do my best to try and make an effort.

The alarms I've set lately are more so reminders; things like 'Clock into MyGuide' or 'Take meds' tend to be the subject of many of these interruptions within my day. I'm horrible with memory. Though, ask any's a problem among many of our kind...perhaps a movie about it could suffice the anguish I have to know a name of someone I see somewhat or to remember when an important date is in a new friends life.

Ah, the life of a worker...can't get anymore entertaining than that...or can it?


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